Alex Dunn Since freshman year, Alex Dunn has been an active member of the Periclean Scholars program. She has worked on numerous committees and has planned multiple fundraising and celebration events for the Periclean Scholars class of 2011 as well as the Periclean Scholars pro- gram as a whole. Alex has participated in numerous fundraisers including taking pictures of local soccer teams, working Moseley tables to educate Elon students about Sri Lanka and organizing profit shares and sponsorships with local restaurants. She has visited Graham Middle School for work days with the students, helped plan Sri Lanka week, and has helped raise money for the Panagala Junior School in Sri Lanka. From her fundraising efforts, students at the Panagala Junior School will be receiving tables and chairs to put in their classrooms as well as classroom dividers to split up grade levels, which will allow them to receive better educations and have a more sound learning experience. Recently, Alex planned the annual Celebrate! Periclean Schol- ars event where all Periclean classes come together to share their accomplishments and discuss plans of sustaining them for the future. This year, President Leo Lambert was the honorary speaker at the event. Alex has also been planning the class of 2011’s graduation banquet and ceremony, which will honor and highlight the class of 2011’s accomplishments over the past four years. Alex plans to stay actively involved in the Periclean Scholars program by continuing to raise awareness about Sri Lanka, spreading the word about the Periclean Scholars program, and trying to raise money to complete objectives at the Panagala Junior School in Sri Lanka. The Periclean Scholars program has definitely made an impact on her life and she wants to continue to make an impact on other’s lives through the program. Next year, Alex will be continuing her studies at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. She will be fully funded by the university to complete her doctorate’s degree in Organizational Science. This four year program is an inter- disciplinary program that pulls from industrial organizational psychology, management, sociol- ogy, and communications. She is very excited to see where the future will take her!