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• Kpoeta Community Clinic fundraising (grant writing, yard sales, etc.)
• School supply drive for Sokode
• Fundraising for a Heifer International project in Sokode
• Book drive for Abor Elementary School
• Footprints of Africa celebration
• Give talks on Ghana in area schools
• Assist with recruitment of 2011 class of Periclean Scholars
• Host Dr. Augustus Vogel visit
• Perform at least 1,000 service hours
• Visit Sokode and Kpoeta via Winter term study abroad in Ghana
• First annual 'Pericles Day'


• Research presentations and publications on Ghana
• Visit Sokode and Kpoeta via winter term and Semester abroad in Ghana
• Launch Elon’s first summer service trip to Ghana
• Initiate partnership with African Services Coalition (coat and blanket drive, etc.)
• Fundraising for Kpoeta Community Clinic and staff housing (via discount cards, etc.)
• School supply drive and fundraising for Sokode via Heifer International
• Start the Sokode Kindergarten Project and fundraising for it
• Collect more books for Abor
• Assist with boxing around 2,500 books for shipment to Ghana
• Explore and enact measures to ensure the sustainability of our projects
• ‘Branding Campaign’ to make our Adinkra logo more widely known

2010 and beyond

• Research presentations and guest speakers
• Visit Sokode and Kpoeta via winter term and semester abroad in Ghana
• Second summer service trip to Ghana
• Fundraising for projects in Kpoeta and Sokode projects
• Assist with the launch of an Elon African/African-American Studies e-journal
• Ghanaian play performed and/or 2010 Periclean documentary film debut
• Footprints of Africa soccer tournament fundraiser
• Sale of fair trade products from Ghana via the campus shop
• Scholarship fund or rotating fund established
• 2010 Periclean Scholars graduate
• Alumni Association activities