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African/African-American Studies at Elon

ABAN (Assisting Women and Children in Ghana)

Aid Watch (Dr. William Easterly’s blog on effective aid)

Ashesi University (a private university in Accra, Ghana which accepts donations to enable promising but poor students    to attend university)

Ayindisa (Fair Trade Crafts from Ghana)

Compassion (sponsor a Ghanaian child for around $32/month)

Everything Ghana page

Ghana (Country information)

Ghana Web (information on a wide variety of topics: Ghana maps, news, sports, music,    and more)

Ghanaian Newspapers

Ghana Tourism Website

Global Giving (fund development projects in Ghana)

Kiva (give small loans to development projects in Ghana)

Languages of Ghana

Madventurer (opportunities to participate in community projects in Ghana)

New York University’s Development Research Institute

North Carolina African Services Coalition

Project Pericles (at Elon University, with a link to the national Project Pericles homepage)

ScholarCHIPS (Assisting Children of Incarcerated Parents)

Suggested readings for those new to Ghana (Books on Ghana's culture and development)

Study Abroad in Ghana (link to Elon's Cannon Centre pages)

Unique Batik (Fair Trade goods from Ghana)