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Olivia Ackerman (’10) is from Cabin John, Maryland, outside Washington, DC. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and minors in anthropology and neuroscience. Olivia is attending Yale University’s School of Nursing to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. During her time at Elon, Olivia dedicated her role as a Periclean Scholar to the sustainability of the Kpoeta Community Clinic. In January 2010, she traveled to Ghana and met the Paramount Chief of the village to discuss plans for the clinic’s long term sustainability. In partnering with Johnson & Johnson, Olivia was able to secure funds for the establishment of a drug store in the clinic which will provide income for the clinic’s operation. She hopes to return to the clinic in Kpoeta one day to provide assistance as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Olivia is in her second year of nursing school at Yale.
Dr. Francis Amedahe served as Dean and Professor of Education at the University of Cape Coast and is former Visiting Fulbright Scholar at Elon University. Since his retirement, he has continued to serve on the Kpoeta Development Association and Kpoeta Community Clinic Committee, work with the Government of Ghana to bring medical staff to the Kpoeta Community Clinic, oversee the construction of the Kpoeta Community Clinic staff housing in conjunction with Kpoeta’s Paramount Chief, work with medical suppliers to stock the Kpoeta Community Clinic’s drug store, and serve as a host to U.S. members of the Ghana Group Pericleans. He oversaw all stages of the planning and construction of the Kpoeta Community Clinic with Kpoeta’s Paramount Chief. [Note: as a Ghanaian member, Dr. Francis Amedahe does not appear in our group photo.]

Yasmine Arrington (’15) is double majoring in History and Strategic Communications. She is an Elon College Fellow, a Jack Kent Cooke College Scholar, 2011 AXA National Achiever, Abramson Foundation Scholar, Girl Scout Gold Award recipient, Washington Redskins College Success Foundation Leadership 1000 Scholar, and a 2012 BET Black Girls Rock MA.D. (Making a Difference) Girl. She is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit ScholarCHIPS that awards college scholarships to students with parents in prison. On campus, she is active in Gospel Choir, Potter’s Poet, and the Black Cultural Society. She is a blogger and motivational speaker. [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Yasmine does not appear in our group photo.]

Daniel Baquet (’12) is a Religious Studies major who studied abroad in Israel for a semester after unrest in Egypt necessitated leaving a semester abroad program there. Academically his regional interests are ancient North Africa/SW Asia. He is an Honors Fellow and intends to strengthen the ties between the Periclean Scholars and Honors Fellows programs. He enjoys raising funds for Periclean projects via Aramark’s meal plan program. He is a member of Sigma Iota Rho and the recipient of the Phillips Perry Black Excellence Award.
Rainey Bezila (’10) is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. After traveling to Malawi in 2005 on a mission trip, she was determined to give back to the people who had so little but taught her so much. This passion is what led her to become a Periclean Scholar. Rainey is currently living in Raleigh and working for Unique Batik, a Fair Trade wholesaler that has partnerships with artisans in Guatemala and Ghana. Rainey is a member of the Alumni Relations Committee and also enjoys traveling, jewelry making, musical theater, and spending time with her family in Southport, NC.
Hannah Bourquin (’10) is from Severna Park, MD. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts. She majored in Special Education and Elementary Education. From an early age, Hannah had a passion for helping people who are less fortunate. Project Pericles presented the perfect opportunity for her to make a difference in the lives of people in Ghana. During her time at Elon, Hannah was a member of the Event Planning and Outreach Committee for the Periclean Scholars class of 2010. She worked with local elementary schools to educate children about Ghana and to raise awareness about how to help improve the lives of the people living there. In addition, Hannah traveled to Ghana for one of Elon’s winter term study abroad programs and visited the health center in Kpoeta. After teaching children with disabilities in the USA for some years, she plans to earn a Master's in Autism Studies at Johns Hopkins University. She is taking pre-requisites in 2011-12.
Alison Jamila Brooks (’10) Upon graduation Alison enrolled in a year of AmeriCorps service at Miami Dade College as a service-learning coordinator. She organized service activities for students at the Medical Center campus and helped make the connection between health and community more clear for students. Additionally, during her time in Miami, Alison joined Delou African Dance Ensemble a traditional West African Dance group. In 2012, Alison plans on enrolling in Rollins School of Public Health in Atlanta GA to earn her Master's degree in Public Health in the area Global Environmental Health.
Amanda Brown (’10) is a native of Columbus, Ohio. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics with minors in African/African-American Studies and Public Health Studies, largely due to her involvement in the Periclean Scholars program. At Elon, she was also a Lumen Scholar and researched malaria, presenting at Elon's Student Undergraduate Research Forum, the National Conference for Undergraduate Research and the Mathematical Association of America's sectional meeting. As a Periclean, she served as the group's accountant and the Fundraising Committee chair, traveled to South Africa and Ghana on Winter Term courses, and created fundraising and fellowship events for Pericleans. She is continuing her journey as a socially responsible global citizen in Houston, attending the University of Texas, School of Public Health and pursuing a Master of Public Health degree, with concentrations in epidemiology and global health.
William Brummett (‘13) is from Jefferson City, TN and majoring in Religious Studies and Political Science. He intends to minor in African/African-American Studies, Leadership, and Non-Violence Studies. He was very active in his high school, was president of four club service organizations, and the top graduate of his senior class. As an undergraduate he volunteers with the Elon Academy for underserved youths, plans to host fundraisers for Pericleans via local restaurants, is interested in studying abroad somewhere in Africa and conducting research on political systems, presenting his finding via Elon’s Student Undergraduate Research Forum, and getting published. In Pericleans he is involved in sustaining the Kpoeta Community Clinic project and other initiatives started by the graduates of the class of 2010 Periclean Scholars. [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Will does not appear in our group photo.]
Kaitlin Carlin (’10) graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. As an undergraduate, she was a Communications Fellow, studied abroad in Denmark for a semester, was involved in projects related to the 2010 census, co-hosted an African movie night, chaired the Off-Campus Public Relations Committee for Pericleans, engaged in outreach to the Elon trustees to raise awareness of Ghana Group Periclean projects, was inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa, served as an orientation leader and a university guide. She works for Elon University’s Office of Admissions.
Andie Diemer (’10) is from Columbus, Ohio and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism with minors in African/African-American Studies and Art. She loved traveling and documenting her time in Ghana during Winter Term 2008, and is eager to visit Kpoeta again. Aside from actively being involved in the 2010 Periclean Scholars, she also served as editor-in-chief of Elon's student newspaper, The Pendulum, and was the president of Elon's chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. She lives in New York City with her boyfriend and is the associate photo editor at Martha Stewart Living magazine. She hopes to continue exploring new countries and cultures throughout her life with her camera in hand.
Jordan Duffey (’13) is from North Carolina. He plans to double major in Economics and International Studies with a concentration in Africa. He is interested in research on micro-finance and Africa and intends to study abroad on the continent. He is serving as the Accountant for the Ghana Group Pericleans. [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Jordan does not appear in our group photo.]
Tracey Evans (’10) is from Durham, North Carolina. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in African/African-American Studies. At Elon, she was the Program and Projects Chair of the Omicron Lota Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta and a member of Lambda Pi Eta (Communications Honor Society). As a Periclean, she helped raise funds for the Kpoeta Community Clinic and awareness of social issues facing African countries through direct action both on and off campus, including letter writing, staffing information tables, going door-to-door, and participating in walks. She was one of the designers of the Periclean Scholars 2010 logo and letterhead, produced a short documentary about the grand opening of the Kpoeta Community Clinic, and studied abroad in Ghana in January 2009. Tracey is pursuing a career in film production and is currently working as a photographer at Portrait Innovations.
Jordan Frederick Jordan Frederick (’10) is from Charlotte, North Carolina and is teaching high school English in Charlotte through Teach for America while completing her graduate certification in secondary education. In the future, she hopes to pursue graduate school in English and Women’s and Gender Studies and travel extensively. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in literature and minors in Theatre Studies and Religious Studies. While at Elon, she was an Honors Fellow and member of Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau Delta and Theta Alpha Kappa. She enjoys reading, writing, costuming, singing and acting, and is an adamant believer in the virtue of opossums. She is in her second year of teaching 9th grade literacy in Charlotte, NC.
Dr. Heidi G. Frontaniis from New York. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from Cornell University and a Master’s and Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her regional specialization is Africa. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she taught in rural Kenya for 18 months through Harvard University’s World Teach program. In graduate school, she returned to Kenya as a Fulbright Scholar fluent in Swahili for her dissertation research on fishing, stakeholder relations, and marine park management. At Elon she serves as faculty mentor for the Ghana Group of Periclean Scholars. She teaches courses and publishes in Geography, International Studies, and Environmental Studies individually and with students she has mentored.
Togbe Gadze VIII serves as Paramount Chief of the Kpoeta Traditional Area which consists of several hamlets and villages, including Kpoeta-Ashanti where he lives and where the Kpoeta Community Clinic was built. He serves on the Kpoeta Development Association and the Kpoeta Community Clinic Committee and oversaw all stages of the planning and construction of the Kpoeta Community Clinic with Dr. Francis Amedahe. He hosts U.S. members of the Ghana Group Pericleans. [Note: as a Ghanaian member, Togbe Gadze VIII does not appear in our group photo.]

Josephine Gardner (‘17) was born in Ethiopia and moved to the US when she was adopted at the age of 11. She is a sophomore at Elon University planning on majoring in Public Health with minors in Poverty and Social Justice and Policy studies. On campus, she is a member of the African Society club and Martial Arts. She has a tremendous passion for helping people who are less fortunate. As someone who was born in Ethiopia, she have experienced first-hand what it is like to be poor and to lack access to education and basic health care. Her experiences in Ethiopia motivate her to pursue the field of Public Health in the hope of bettering her birth country and opening up a free health clinic in Ethiopia. 

Raymond Haack (’14) is a Psychology major with a minor in History from a small town on the northern border of Connecticut. He spends the large majority of his time devoted to the Honors Fellows program but also enjoys participating in Sierra Club and the Politics Forum. In his spare time he likes to play piano and write poetry and short stories. [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Ray does not appear in our group photo.]

Will Hemminger ('16) is from Des Moines, Iowa majoring in Environmental and Ecological Science with minors in Biology, Geography, African/African American Studies, and Peace and Conflict Studies. He is the treasurer of Kappa Alpha Omicron (Environmental Studies Honor Society) and a member of Gamma Theta Upsilon (Geography Honor Society). He is also a teaching assistant for the Intro to Environmental Studies and Population Biology Labs. His research interests are in wildlife ecology, biogeography, and human-wildlife interactions, with a particular interest in African game species.

Greg Honan (’14) is a political science major from Wellesley, Massachusetts.  As an Elon College Fellow and Lumen Scholar, he is conducting research on welfare narratives in United States political rhetoric with Dr. Laura Roselle.  On campus, he is also a member of Model United Nations, The Politics Forum, and the Program for Ethnographic Research and Community Studies. [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Greg does not appear in our group photo.]

Daniel Koehler (’12) lived half his life in Uganda. He is working towards a Media Arts and Entertainment degree and is an Honors Fellow and a Lumen Scholar. He enjoys making documentary films which raise awareness of social issues. He has conducted field research in Zambia and hopes to study abroad in South Africa for a semester and/or Ghana for the winter term. He serves as the liaison between the Ghana Group Pericleans and the Periclean Scholars, Class of 2012 (India Group) and intends to increase ties between the Honors and Periclean programs. [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Dan does not appear in our group photo.]
Togbe Fia Koku III (a.k.a. Togbe Kwaku III) serves as Paramount Chief for the Sokode Traditional Area which consists of several villages including Sokode-Etoe where the construction of a kindergarten is underway. He worked with Elon’s Dr. Brian Digre to secure a Heifer International project which supported Sokode and neighboring villages. He hosts U.S. members of the Ghana Group Pericleans and Elon’s winter term Ghana Abroad program. [Note: as a Ghanaian member, Togbe Fia Koku III does not appear in our group photo.]
Carolyn Kurtz (’10) graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and a minor in Human Service Studies. She studied abroad for a semester at Saint Andrews in Scotland and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Kappa. Her early humanitarian work brought her to Cambodia and her passion for people and Africa grew during her time in Periclean Scholars. Her enriched desire to help people encouraged her to pursue a career in the humanitarian non-profit sector. She lives in Naples, Florida but plans to return to Ghana some day. Her experience as a Periclean greatly influenced her time at Elon University and continues to shape her future. She works for a non-profit called Gero Solutions, where she works with the elderly.
Maggie Landy (’10) is from New York. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communications. At Elon she was a member of the Lambda Pi Eta, the Communications Honor Society and served as a liaison between the 2010 Periclean class and the Greek system community on campus. She spent a semester abroad in Singapore. She lives in New York and works as a Publicity Assistant at Fox Searchlight, an Indie film studio.
W. Bryce Little (’10) graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He is from North Carolina. He spent the fall 2009 semester in Ghana and gathered video footage from the Periclean class’ project sites. He spearheaded an initiative to construct a kindergarten in Sokode, Ghana, engaged in outreach and education with local schools, and was a member of Lambda Pi Eta honor society. He lives in Raleigh, NC and is in his second year as a Youth Ministry Intern. He is also working with a non-profit in Raleigh called the Haiti Connection. The organization’s main focus is to create sustainable aid projects for Haitians in Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area.
Krissy LeBeau (‘10) graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience. She is a member of Phi Gamma Mu honor society. While at Elon, she has served as a chemistry lab assistant and anatomy teaching assistant, tutored local elementary school children, worked with Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society, and interned with Alamance Cares to assess the needs of the elderly. Krissy works in Boston, MA for a hospital working on cardiovascular clinical research.

Cara McClain (’14) is from Durham, NC and majoring in psychology with minors in Spanish and Environmental/Sustainability Studies. She is an Honors Fellow and a Lumen Scholar researching the effects of nature play on young children’s psychological development and environmental awareness. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, president of Elon's Sierra Club, and involved in the Center for Leadership. Cara studied in Ghana over Winter Term 2012. [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Cara does not appear in our group photo.]

Mica McCullough (’10) is from Tennessee. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies and served as Editor-in-Chief of Elon’s environmental magazine, Visions. She spent a winter term in Ghana, presented her research at Elon’s Student Undergraduate Research Forum and Study Abroad Forum, and had it published in Visions. In Pericleans she worked on sustainability initiatives. She works for a consignment furniture store in Nashville, TN and has applied for a Master’s program in Sustainability.
John McGreevy (’10) graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and Biology; while at Elon he presented his research on alternative energy in Ghana and Haiti at the Student Undergraduate Research Forum and the National Conference for Undergraduate Research. He was a Bullard Scholar and conducted research in Haiti. His research was published in Visions environmental magazine and his work in Haiti was featured in his local Pennsylvania newspaper, the Mercury. He was recognized as the Outstanding Senior in Environmental Studies, was a member of Phi Kappa Phi, and the Biology honor society Beta Beta Beta. He maintains his connection with Haiti and serves as a rafting instructor in the summers.
Ryan Mihajlov (’10) is from Columbia, Pennsylvania and is putting his Accounting degree to good use at his job in Denver, CO. At Elon, he organized school supply drives for Sokode, Ghana and coat and blanket drives for African refugees in Greensboro, North Carolina. He created post-graduation business cards for his Periclean class and served as treasurer of Sigma Pi Fraternity from 2009-2010. He is a member of the alumni finance committee and works to sustain financial support for Periclean initiatives in Ghana.
Mandy Morrissey (’10) hails from just south of Boston, MA. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  While attending Elon, in addition to being a Periclean Scholar she was President of the Elon University Mock Trial Team, a member of the executive council of Phi Mu Fraternity and very involved in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  She studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain and Vilnius, Lithuania.  Additionally, Mandy was selected as a 2010 Lumen Scholar.  She concentrated her work on human rights violations in Spain with her mentor Dr. Eric Ashley Hairston.  Mandy attends Northeastern University School of Law and is in her second year.
Briana O’Neil (’10) graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and minors in Economics and African/African-American Studies. During her time at Elon, Briana was involved with the Business Fellows Program, Tri Delta sorority, and Women’s Club Lacrosse Team. As a Periclean Scholar, Briana served on the steering and fundraising committees. She traveled to Ghana during January of 2009 and was able to see the grand opening of the health care center. She is currently working at Cambridge Associates in the Performance Reporting department and intends to continue her studies of microfinance.
Kelly Parshall (’10) graduated magna cum laude; she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and with a concentration in Creative Writing. She won Elon’s annual writing contest two years in a row. Her nonfiction was published twice in The Colonnades literary magazine. She served as editor-and-chief of the student-run publication BA|BS in the spring of 2009. Kelly studied abroad in Ghana in January 2008 and at the University of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in fall 2009. While at Elon, she tutored African refugees at Avalon Community Center, presented her research on health epidemics in British colonial Africa at the Student Undergraduate Research Forum and served as a teaching assistant for Africa’s People and Environments. Kelly works for an international NGO that assists youths in Nairobi, Kenya. She is based in Washington, D.C., but wishes to return to Africa some day and translate her experiences into a piece of publishable writing.
Sara Pasquinelli (’10) graduated cum laude with Bachelor’s degrees in History and Anthropology and completed a minor in African/African-American studies.  At Elon, she served on the Periclean fundraising, steering, and sustainability committees and worked to develop a concrete plan to ensure the Kpoeta Community Clinic's long term success. Aside from Periclean Scholars, Sara was involved in Isabella Cannon Center for Leadership as a Leadership Fellow, University Admissions Guide, and New Student Orientation. She received the campus-wide Algernon Sydney Sullivan award for leadership and was inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership), Phi Alpha Theta (history), and Pi Gamma Mu (social sciences) honor societies. Sara teaches middle school science through the Teach for America program and is based in Phoenix, Arizona.
Megan Prilutski (’10) graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Strategic Communications. As a Periclean Scholar, Megan worked on the public relations and events committees, served as production manager on a Project Pericles/School of Communication film on the meaning of being a global citizen, studied abroad over winter term in Ghana and was a co-organizer of the class's senior banquet. She combined her experiences in Periclean Scholars and her Strategic Communication major to conduct research on effective health communication strategies in Ghana. Megan hopes to bring her experiences from Periclean Scholars into her career as a physician and to continue the work that she began during her college years. Megan is currently pursuing a medical degree at Drexel University College of Medicine.
Mary Robinson (’10) is from Virginia. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications-Broadcast with a New Media Concentration. She had minors in Business Administration and Religious Studies. While at Elon she served on the Executive Board of the Black Cultural Society, participated in the Multicultural Student Council, and received a Broadcasting Award. She studied abroad in Ghana for a winter term and her experiences were featured in the Richmond Free Press magazine.  Her father is an honorary chief in Ghana. She also interned with WFMY Greensboro and served as a field organizer for the 2008 US Presidential campaign. She is considering going to law school.
Ashley Rose (’15) is from Kingston, Jamaica and an International Studies major with minors in Anthropology, Geography and Spanish. She works as a Campus Tour Guide Diversity Ambassador, is a member of Lambda Alpha, the anthropology honors society, Elon’s Finest Dance Team and InterVarsity. She studied abroad in Quito, Ecuador in the fall of 2013 and was also an Uncommon Schools Summer Teaching Fellow in 2014. Ashley attended boarding school in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire before coming to Elon where she became a member of their Ice Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee and Softball teams. After Elon, Ashley is interested in programs that will give her the opportunity to travel internationally, in particular to Africa.  
Kaitlyn Saal-Ridpath (’15) is from outside of Philadelphia. She is a Public Health Studies major with a double minor in International Studies and African and African American Studies. Fall semester of her freshman year, Kaitlyn took a gap semester and spent three months traveling East Africa, instilling her passion for the continent. On campus, she is the Co-President of Elon’s Public Health Society and an Associate Director of The Elon Network. She is also an avid runner and enjoys cooking in her spare time.
Kristin Schulz (’10) is from Charlotte, NC. She graduated magna cum laude with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology and International Studies and minors in Spanish, German and Anthropology. As a Periclean Scholar on campus she was part of the Periclean-In-Residence committee, Event Planning Committee, chair of the Outreach/Education Committee, initiated sending solar cookers to our community partners in Ghana, and was the first Periclean to receive the Outstanding Periclean Award.  She currently lives in Washington, DC and works for Clean Currents as their Residential Green Power Outreach Coordinator.
Kristine Silvestri (’10) is from Flemington, New Jersey. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration. Kristine has co-authored publications in the Oxford Encyclopedia of African Thought and African Studies Quarterly with Dr. Heidi Frontani. At Elon, Kristine was a Lumen Scholar involved with Leadership Fellows, the Isabella Cannon Leadership Program, Crossroads (rape crisis center), Alpha Xi Delta sorority, and was the founder of the Elon Green Service Team. She was a Harry S. Truman Scholarship and Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship finalist. She began, but was unable to complete a semester abroad at the University of Ghana due to contracting a drug-resistant strain of malaria. Kristine lives in DC where she advocates for improved global health programs. In time, she intends to complete advanced degrees in the Control of Infectious Disease and to run her own global health non-profit or lobby for one.
Elizabeth Sise (’10) comes from Annapolis, Maryland, but was born in Mauritius off of southeastern Africa and lived in Mozambique. She graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. While at Elon she organized a book drive for an elementary school in Ghana, arranged for material support for African refugees in North Carolina, gave talks about Ghana at local schools, served as President of the Geography honor society Gamma Theta Upsilon and as a teaching assistant for the Africa’s People and Environments course. She put her French language skills to good use when she undertook a summer internship in Niamey, Niger. She is the recipient of a Memorial Foundation Award.  She currently lives in Denver, CO where she is a 3rd grade teacher.

Daniela Sostaita (‘17) immigrated to the U.S.from Buenos Aires, Argentina as a child, and currently lives in Winston Salem, North Carolina. She plans on majoring in Anthropology with a minor in Religious Studies. She is a Presidential Scholar and a Watson Odyssey Scholar, with which she serves as a peer mentor to incoming first-year students. She volunteers with the ‘It Takes a Village’ Project as a Spanish teacher and has worked at El Centro de Español as a peer tutor.

Angela Sparrow (’10) is from Ithaca, New York and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services with a minor in African/African-American studies.  At Elon, Angela was an officer for Habitat for Humanity, worked as an assistant for the Elite technology program, and was a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, where she served as philanthropy chair.  Angela also was very involved within the Burlington community as a Hospice intern and with Relay for Life.  Some of Angela's other interests include running, reading, singing, and cooking.  Angela served as the Medical Supplies committee chair for the 2010 Periclean Class, and enjoyed studying abroad in Ghana during the winter tem of 2010.  Angela is a student at Duke University’s School of Nursing.  She plans on working with underserved populations both domestically and abroad.  She continues her involvement with Project Pericles via the Alumni Association.
Frank Stiefel (’12) is from Haddonfield, New Jersey.  He has an independent major in African/African-American Studies and a minor in Non-Violence Studies. During High School he was an active member of S.T.A.N.D. (Students Taking Action Now Darfur) and at Elon he co-founded the campus’ chapter. He spent five weeks in Ghana teaching in a Kindergarten and helping to build an elementary school in New Akrade.  Frank plans on doing a winter term in Ghana after his semester in South Africa. He is undertaking research on effective forms of student activism through study of South Africa’s anti-apartheid and United States’ civil rights movements and has presented his research at the Student Undergraduate Research Forum. Frank has interned with the Center for American Progress in Washington D.C., specifically the Enough Project which is an NGO that does work on various human rights issues in Africa. [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Frank does not appear in our group photo.]
Katie Strickland (’10) is from Collierville, TN; she graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. She had minors in Anthropology and African/African-American studies. During her time at Elon she has worked on the fundraising committee and helped organize different events. She focused much of her fundraising on the Heifer project initiative in the village of Sokode. Katie spent a semester in Ghana during the fall of 2008, and greatly enjoyed her time there studying, traveling, and working at an orphanage. She was a Lumen Scholar and an Honors Fellow and conducted field research and wrote a thesis on effective development aid in Ghana. Katie lives Seattle, WA where she has interned at World Vision, one of the biggest international relief and development organizations. She has been working on a team for the "30 Hour Famine" program for high school students, where they fast for 30 hours to raise money and raise awareness about world hunger issues. She also works in digital marketing (web, email, social media) for the program.
Lauren Taylor Narbey (’10) is from upstate New York. She graduated cum laude with an Independent Major in Global Women’s Health Initiatives. She enjoys research and has presented her work at the Association of American Geographers annual conference and the Student Undergraduate Research Forum and has been published in Progress in Development Studies. At Elon she was the lead student author on a successful Fund for Excellence grant to host a multi-day African cultural festival, ‘Footprints of Africa’ and was a Lumen Scholar, an Elon College Fellow, and named the Outstanding Senior in African/African-American Studies.  She served as host for Namibian HIV/AIDS activist Anita Isaacs and was editor of the Periclean Handbook.  She currently lives in London, UK where she is obtaining her master’s degree.  After obtaining this degree her next step is to attend medical school.

Jordan Thomas (’14) is from Cleveland, OH and a political science major with minors in international studies and economics.  He is an Elon College Fellow, involved in College Democrats, was an Elon 101 teaching assistant, and will travel to Greece and Turkey during the upcoming winter term.  He also enjoys participating in intramurals and playing the clarinet.  [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Jordan does not appear in our group photo.] 

Emily Tomich (’15) is from Irvine, CA and majoring in Exercise Science and Public Health with a minor in Neuroscience. She is a Varsity Track and Field athlete and involved in InterVarsity and Sigma Kappa on campus. She has gone on mission trips to Mexico, South Africa and Swaziland and is studying abroad with Semester at Sea in fall 2012, a program that includes time in Ghana. [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Emily does not appear in our group photo.]

Carly Tustin ('13) is from Pittsburgh, PA and is majoring in Sociology. She intends to minor in Communications. While in high school, she was active as captain of the Varsity girls’ soccer team, Vice-President of the senior class, President of three organizations, and maintained academic honors. As an undergraduate at Elon, Carly is a member of Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity, is co-founding the new organization Elon Partners in International Development: Friends of Ghana, is studying abroad in Ghana in 2012, volunteers, and has been on the Dean's and President's Lists. After Elon she plans to attend law school. [Note: as a more recent addition to our program, Carly does not appear in our group photo.]
Sarah Vavreck (’10), of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services Studies with minors in Psychology and African/African-American Studies. As a Periclean Scholar, she created an educational program about Ghana for elementary school students, researched, raised funds through restaurants and letter-writing campaigns, worked with the Steering Committee, and assisted with events. She was co-author of a successful $5,200 Fund for Excellence grant. She studied abroad for a semester in Ghana and a winter term in Guatemala. At Elon she was involved with Habitat for Humanity, the Human Services Society, the Honors Program, and volunteered regularly at a local elementary school. She is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling at Wake Forest University to become an elementary school counselor and has completed her first year.
Miles Williams (15') is from Spartanburg, South Carolina. He is majoring in human service studies with minors in Psychology and African & African-American studies. In January 2014, Miles visited Ghana as a part of the West African history and culture class offered by the university and developed a passion to learn more about the people of Ghana as well as the rest of the continent. On campus, he is a starting safety on the football team, a diversity ambassador through the Office of Admissions and is involved in the Christian ministry Campus Outreach. His dream is to one day start a charter school for minority boys in an inner city to provide them the resources and opportunity at an education that they may not have been able to receive otherwise.