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Kpoeta Community Clinic

The Kpoeta Community Clinic project began when visiting Fulbright Scholar at Elon University Dr. Francis Amedahe of Ghana made a charge to the Periclean Scholars Ghana Group in April 2007 to help the approximately 10,000 people of Kpoeta, Ghana who lost access to health care services each rainy season (May/June-Nov.) when the unpaved road between Kpoeta and Kpedze, which had the only health clinic in the area, become impassible. Dr. Amedahe, originally from Kpoeta, had seen too many people die unnecessarily because the cluster of villages and hamlets near the Ghana-Togo border did not have a healthcare facility and people resorted to literally carrying the injured and sick for miles on a chair or stretcher to Kpedze.
Collaborative efforts between the people of Kpoeta and the Ghana Group of Periclean Scholars allowed for the completion of the construction of the Kpoeta Community Clinic. Since the opening of the clinic in January 2009, attention has turned to the construction of medical staff housing to retain the two Government of Ghana-posted nurses in Kpoeta, because more than half of all doctors, nurses, and pharmacists trained in Ghana leave the country to obtain higher pay in the U.K., U.S.A., and elsewhere. In spring 2010 an initiative began to launch a drug store in the clinic to help with the project’s long-term sustainability. Approximately half of the members of the Periclean Scholars Ghana Group have been hosted by the people of Kpoeta and Dr. Heidi G. Frontani, faculty advisor for the group has been named an honorary Development Queen Mother, ‘Kado I’ of Kpoeta. To view images of the clinic and medical staff housing, please visit the Multimedia Gallery of this website.

Kindergarten in Sokode

The construction a kindergarten is underway in Sokode-Etoe.  This is a village with which Elon has strong ties through its winter term study abroad program.

Scholarships for US Students

In 2013 our group began a partnership with the non-profit organization ScholarCHIPS, which was founded by one of our members



Elementary School Library in Abor

Through a partnership with former Ghana Peace Corps volunteer Dr. Augustus (‘Auggie’) Vogel and the non-profit Atidekate, more than 500 Afro-centric books were delivered, via the US Navy for whom Dr. Vogel now works, to an elementary school in Abor in southeastern Ghana.

Rural Development in Sokode

Sokode is a village with which Elon has longstanding ties through Dr. Brian Digre and his winter term study abroad program.  The Periclean Scholars Ghana Group has contributed to the village’s development through raising school supplies and supporting a Heifer International Initiative for poverty reduction through livestock rearing. 

Solar Cookers for Sokode & Kpoeta

In January 2010 solar cookers were brought to the communities, the first wave of such devices in an initiative which will run through 2013. The initiative provides cookers which can save time and fuel needed for cooking.