Project Pericles


Characteristics of Periclean Programs

The Program is the action element of an institution's Periclean commitment.

Each Periclean determines for itself how its Program should be defined. Programs will vary depending upon institutional characteristics such as size, curriculum, social issues, location, resources, faculty interests, traditions, nature and diversity of the student body, and relationships with alumni and the surrounding community.

Despite individual variation, all Periclean Programs share fundamental characteristics. They must:

• Involve the institution itself and all of its constituencies
• Provide students with a socially-oriented learning experience as a core component of their higher education
• Be individual - reflecting the institution's environment, circumstances, academic program, student body, resources, and traditions
• Have specifically stated objectives with appropriate performance standards and criteria for evaluation
• Evolve continuously as they are enhanced and incrementally extended






List of Periclean Colleges and Universities