Pericean Scholars
Class of 2007

Emily Aker is a senior from North Carolina, she grew up doing mission trips with her youth group at the First Baptist Church in Smithfield, North Carolina every summer before coming to Elon. This is how she first became passionate about serving others who have been overlooked by the rest of the world. She believes strongly in the work that the Periclean Scholars Class of 2007 is doing because most Americans do not realize what a large scale problem malnutrition is in the world. Emily is excited to work with the Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital staff in making their environment a better place to conquer malnutrition.

Emily Aker

Amanda Biuso is a senior from New Jersey, she is double major in Physical and Health Education with an Exercise Sport Science minor. She joined Periclean Scholars because she wanted to become active in some of the many groups Elon has to offer. She chose Periclean Scholars because she not only wanted to make a difference here in the local community, but also on a global level. Amanda has been involved in many service projects before, mainly with her youth group at the North Branch Reformed Church in New Jersey. She looks forward to remaining involved in Periclean Scholars and hopes to influence others in the same way that Periclean Scholars has influenced her life.

Amanda Biuso

Sam Boro


Natasha Christensen is a senior from Maryland, she has lived and traveled abroad for most of her life and is currently a Political Science and International Studies double major at Elon. Her interest in Project Pericles comes from the work they do on both the local and global level in terms of helping those in need and finding sustainable solutions to global crisis’. She values the fact that the goals of Pericles are to create lasting connections and considers herself lucky to be working towards enriching her own awareness concerning malnutrition as well as that of her community.

Khara Conlon is senior from Delaware studying Education. Through her studies she knows the power of teaching, reaching out to offer support and what it means to be dedicated. She joined Periclean Scholars as a way to link arms with other devoted student-leaders to make a difference in the world. “There is not another organization that is better suited to use our available resources, our love, will and enthusiasm to help less fortunate members of our global society. We all want to make a difference for the better, and Pericles makes it happen.”


Jennifer De Simone is a senior from Pennsylvania who is double majoring in Political Science and Philosophy and minoring in Public Administration. She became interested in Periclean Scholars through the excitement and passion she saw in others involved in the program. Jennifer circles her life around children, believing that education is the key to a child’s life. She now believes that food and nourishment are also keys to the success of a child’s early years of development and further creates the foundation for a certain standard of life that people deserve to have.

Elizabeth Earle is a senior from Maryland, she knew she had to do something that would make a difference in our world after taking the freshman Global class. This was a time that she learned about many social issues. What she loves about Periclean Scholars is that it is a great way to share a passion with students she may not normally worked with because they all have different majors. “It’s so great to come together for one united cause. Every day I am more excited about the possibilities this project has offered me.”

Liz Earle

Kathryn Franck is a senior from Egypt studying Sociology with a minor in Human Services. Growing up in developing nations her passion for human rights, social change and sustainable development began at a young age. She saw the Periclean Scholars program as an organization that embodied her desire to make a difference in the world through sustainable efforts, and is proud to be a member.

Kathryn Franck

Maria Interiano



Stacy Lucius is a senior from Ohio, she grew up in a small town and always desired to learn and experience more of the world. She wanted to become a Periclean Scholar because of her desire to be more civically engaged by being a servant to others. Stacy feels it is our call as human beings to love one another and assist each other in times of need and distress. She says that “partnering with the individuals at the Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital allows for education and development of all individuals and both cultures while working together to end malnutrition.”

Stacy Lucius

Stephen McCoy is a senior from Switzerland, he has lived all over the world including North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia. While growing up outside of the United States he was able to experience many incredible cultures first hand. A passion for classical studies introduced him to the ideas and ideals that made Pericles famous. When he learned about the Periclean Scholars program at Elon University, he knew that he had to get involved. Stephen is excited to be involved in a program that has such wide-reaching service goals.

Stephen McCoy

Amie Ritchie



Elizabeth Roberts is a senior from Kentucky with a global mind. She is majoring in Communications and minoring in Political Science. As she grows as a student and professional she hopes to always keep alive her commitment to service and global social responsibility. In her travels, Beth has realized the blessings she has been given. In the future she plans to use her advantages to help the disadvantaged. The Periclean Scholars program embodies these ideals, and Beth is proud to be a member of this incredible organization. She sees hope for the malnourished in Honduras and knows that with the help of the Periclean Scholars class of 2007, change will occur.

Elizabeth Roberts

Emily Sargent



Kristina Sherk is a senior from Maryland who has lived overseas for more than a small portion of her life. She was born in the Philippines and then moved to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, where the fire was sparked in her for the need to help others. She has always contributed to community service both nationally and internationally through high school and college. She loves being a Periclean Scholar because it gives her a chance to make a change and puts her in contact with people who feel the same way.

Jim Brown teaches history at Elon and the required freshman seminar, The Global Experience.  While feeling that teaching provides him with an avenue to effect positive change in people's lives, he believes that the Periclean Scholars program offers an deeper opportunity to work with a thoroughly dedicated group of students who wish more fully to live out a life of service to others.

Jim Brown

Updated January 23, 2007