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Who are the Periclean Scholars Class of 2006?

Dr. Tom Arcaro, Director of Project Pericles from Ashtabula, Ohio. I can’t explain in a few words what being a Periclean Scholar has meant to me, except maybe: Everything.

Jonathan Aleshire, Business Management Major and Philosophy Minor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Being a Periclean Scholar means taking a cause I am passionate about and making a global impact.

Jennifer Bartley

Julie Bourbeau, International Studies Major with Creative Writing and Business Minors from Somers, Connecticut. I became involved with Project Pericles after the urging of a dear friend. I was hesitant to apply for something, but she kept saying, "Julie this project is you. You have to do it." So of course, I ended up applying. The decision to become involved as a Periclean Scholar was one of the best I have ever made. This project gave me knowledge, compassion, organization, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose. I know that I am a completely different person because of this group and our work. I am so proud of the work the Periclean Scholars Class of 2006 has accomplished, and I am honored to have a part of it.

Danielle Buonocore, Psychology Major from Wilmington, Delaware. Periclean Scholars are changing the world one small step at a time.

Bridget Burckell, International Studies Major with Business and French Minors from King George, Virginia. Periclean Scholars has been an excellent opportunity to learn about a new region of the world and get involved with such a huge global issue -HIV/AIDS.

Jonathon Chuk

Colleen Clark, Sociology Major and Spanish and Women Gender Studies Minors from Alexandria, Virginia. I joined the Periclean Scholars through lateral entry my junior year, and have been heavily involved ever since. I joined because I had always had the general interest to help others, but never support my social passions with academia. I thoughts this would be a good opportunity to learn about an issue that I cared deeply about. This January, I will be traveling to Namibia with the program and am very excited. After graduation, I plant to work in a youth-related, public health nonprofit.

Rachel Copeland, Social Science Education Major and Latin American Studies Minor. I could not stop thinking about Project Pericles when I heard about the vision. I envisioned my role with this world issue. I feel so connected to those from around the world and I knew that this was the perfect avenue to further such encounters. Every moment in Project Pericles has been a great journey and Elon would not be as special as a place for me if it were not for Project Pericles. I have been able to reach out to children and establish a better understanding in my major.

Raquel Corona, Sociology Major and International Studies Minor from Guadalajara, Mexico. Learning about the injustices in the world made me see that I want to work to change this. I always though, "That's what I want to do when I graduate from Elon." But being a Periclean Scholar allows me to do it now, to use all the resources available to me and to work with wonderful people, in order to be a true global citizen. I simply can't sit back and feel sorry about others.

Rebecca Ann Doane, English Major from Essex, Connecticut (voted the best small town in America '96). I hope to teach. I love to travel. So far I have traveled throughout the United States as well as in the Bahamas, Spain twice, Italy, and Ghana. I will be traveling to Australia in January of 2006. I joined Project Pericles in hopes of making a difference in the world. Currently, I am working on writing a script about my personal experiences getting tested for HIV/AIDS. The script is being turned into a movie and will be premiering in Burlington, North Carolina on May 6, 2006.

Neal Dugre

Damon Duncan, Corporate Communications Major and Political Science Minor from Matthews, North Carolina. Periclean Scholars is a group of students that practice what they preach. They realize that they can make a difference and do. The people who are involved with Periclean Scholars are the makers and the shakers in the world.

Kathryn Dykeman, Accounting Major with Business and French Minors from Gloucester, Virginia. Project Pericles has changed my life in that it has made me aware of the injustices of the world, and inspired me to dedicate myself to responding to these issues. It has shown me that one person can make a difference in this world and given me the experience of feeling the gratification that comes from knowing I have made a difference.

Scott Eikenberg

Anna Glodowski

Hayley Gravette, Religious Studies Major with Human Services and International Studies Minors from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Periclean Scholars are about connection; about connecting with concerned students and building a bond through experience sand a common passion. It’s about connection with the global community and showing interest and concern for issues beyond our immediate sphere. Periclean Scholars are about connecting with people, our brothers and sisters, who are in need of support and attention through funds, education, and compassion.

David Higham, Accounting Major from Toms River, New Jersey. Being a Periclean Scholar is being part of a group that is genuinely interested in making a difference in the world.

Rachel Hinson, Religious Studies and Journalism Double Major from Baltimore, Maryland. Being a Periclean Scholar means working in a partnership with others to improve our world one step at a time. It means living a life of service and responding to the great need of our brothers and sisters, no matter where they are.

Laura Iannacone, Biology Major from Weddington, North Carolina. Being a Periclean Scholar means that we have a commitment to civic engagement both locally, nationally, and internationally. Individually, being a Periclean Scholar has been a discovery of unique talents and has given me the opportunity to work with multifaceted students who are continually inspiring each other to work towards the bigger picture.

Kristen Irvin, Internaional Studies Major and Women and Gender Studies Minor from Stephens City, Virginia. Pericles acts as a major eye-opener on issues that need to be addressed for the well-being of all global citizens for the future.

Amber King, Communications Major from Fairmont, West Virginia. Joining Project Pericles meant giving my time, heart, and energy to the Namibians. Now, as a Periclean Scholar, it means having a strong sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Kristen Kolb, Sociology Major and Spanish Minor from Westfield, New Jersey. I am really interested in global issues and feel that civic engagement is extremely important. Periclean Scholars seemed like a perfect fit for me and what I was interested in doing.

Cecilia McCollum

Kristina Miller

Marissa Morris-Jones, Human Services Major with Psychology and Religious Studies Minors from Severna Park, Maryland. Being a Periclean Scholar has challenged me to think beyond myself, my community even my country and forced me to care for humanity as a whole. Periclean Scholars has asked me to serve the world in ways that the world needs, rather than the ways I think the world needs me.

Ashley Moyer

Allison Paksoy

Jenn Pierson

Becky Schrier

Emily Sears, Human Services Major from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Periclean Scholars has been an opportunity to do more than just discuss a pressing global issue; it has been an opportunity to actually touch the issue.

Ronnie Shoffner

Amanda Taylor

Samantha White, Corporate Communications Major from Plymouth, Massachusetts. Periclean Scholars means living my life as an informed global citizen.