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Fall 2004

During the fall semester, the Periclean Scholars reunited as a class and focused their efforts on educating others about the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Namibia, Africa.

In addition, A Measure of Our Humanity was produced; this documentary tells the story of how Namibia is responding to the HIV/AIDS pandemic through the use of video footage and interviews with a wide variety of Namibians currently dealing with the detriments of the disease. Their voices tell how they are feeling, what they are doing, the hurdles they face, and their hopes for the future; but more importantly they also speak directly to Americans in asking for their help and support. The strongest message that is conveyed is the multifaceted complexion of this problem and the direct relationship between poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Rebecca Doane wrote a script that was developed into the movie Testing Positive about her emotional experience getting tested for HIV. Click here to read Becca's Story.

Amanda Taylor wrote a play using Sera Arcaro's emails.

Ashley Moyer created a PSA.

Periclean Post, a monthly publication created by Periclean Scholars, debuted at Elon. Several of the Periclean Scholars contributed articles, Neil Dugre was in charge of layout and design and Rachel Hinson served as copy editor.

Jonathan Aleshire and Rachel Hinson attended a national Project Pericles conference in Minnesota to represent the unique Periclean Scholars program at Elon University and collaborate with other Periclean university students and professors.

Jenn Pierson traveled to a conference in Ohio hosted by Student Global AIDS Campaign, a national student organization dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS and presented the Periclean Scholars documentary A Measure of Our Humanity. Plans were made to plan a Spring North Carolina statewide student HIV/AIDS conference in the spring. Planning was continued throughout the fall and a conference did take place in Raleigh the following spring.

Allison Paksoy traveled to UNC Charlotte to show A Measure of Our Humanity.

A connection was made with Ebenezer United Church of Christ. Project Pericles made multiple visits to the church, including a presentation of A Measure of Our Humanity to a group of youth and a visit with Anita Issacs. The youth group was inspired and engaged in each visits, arranging to help us sell the music cds within the community.

The Periclean Scholars designed a t-shirt to help spread awareness on their campus. The t-shirts are for sale for $10 and all the proceeds support their efforts in Namibia.

The Periclean Scholars housed their third Periclean-in-Residence, Anita Isaacs. Anita is the regional director of Lironga Eparu, Learn to Survive, an organization that helps people "live positively" with their HIV status. She is a Namibian infected with HIV/AIDS, and an activist in her country to help reduce the number of infections and support all those both infected and affected by the disease. Throughout her stay, Anita met with and educated the Periclean Scholars as a group as well as on an individual basis. She presented at several campus-wide events in which she was the catalyst for conversation and education among Elon University students. Anita had several radio interviews and public speeches off campus, including three local high schools, in an attempt to educate and raise awareness among a broad audience. In addition, interviews and filming were conducted with Anita to prepare for a documentary all about Anita and her story. It is indisputable that lives were changed by the Anita's presence; her life was changed as she was given the opportunity to take her message and share her story outside of her country, and beyond her continent, the Periclean Scholars' lives were changed and their understanding of AIDS in Namibia was shaped as they learned first-hand from a woman who fights AIDS in Namibia on a daily basis, and all those who came into contact with Anita were educated and energized.

Anita's two visit overlapped World AIDS Day, and the Periclean Scholars hosted a myriad of events and activities in honor of the monumental day.

Winter 2004

Periclean Scholars, Sam White and Rachel Copeland, traveled to Namibia during their sophomore year with Dr. Arcaro (the program's mentor), J McMerty (Senior Producer for Elon Television), Brian Baker (Elon's Senior Audio Producer) and Katrina Taylor (senior Communications student). During their stay, they learned more about the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS on Namibians, made mutually beneficial connections with non-governmental leaders in the field of HIV/AIDS, and filmed footage and conducted interviews to be used in a documentary series intended to be an educational resource for audiences worldwide about the issues related to HIV/AIDS.

Each traveler carried all of their personal items for the trip on the plane and filled their two 70 lb. checked suitcases with books, school supplies, toys, clothing, etc. to donate to Namibian children.