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Spring 2005

Danielle Buonocore, Amanda Taylor, Tom Arcaro, J McMerty, and Katrina Taylor traveled to the Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood, California.

Summer 2005

Dr. Arcaro returned to Namibia to finalize the plans for the anticipated Winter Term trip in January 2006 with eleven of the Periclean Scholars. He met with many of the contacts he had previously established; conducted interviews with them, brought materials and supplies to donate to them, and spoke in front of Namibian students about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, explaining his findings from the past three year of intensive research about the issue. He met with the US Ambassador at the US Embassy and explained what the Periclean Scholars program is and the work that the Class of 2006 is accomplishing and intends to accomplish in the future in Namibia. He also used this opportunity to finalize the itinerary for the Future Leaders Summit intended to take place between the eleven Periclean Scholars, and 29 students from both the Polytechnic of Namibia and the University of Namibia in Windhoek, Namibia from January 22-24 2006.

Fall 2005

The students reunited as a class, and this year each member developed individual projects that fulfilled the Periclean Scholars Class of 2006 mission, and applied their specialized skills and interests. This was made possible because of the wide array of individuals and majors that compile the Periclean Scholars Class of 2006.

Damon Duncan and Sam White, both Communications majors, created Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for oneworld.net

Hayley Gravette and Emily Sears prepared for the premiere of Testing Positive, the story of one girl's emotional experience as she waited for the results from her HIV test.

David Higham and Julie Bourbeau worked together to establish the Pericelon foundation for the Periclean Scholars Class of 2006 to leave as their legacy that would continue to fulfill their mission after all member's graduation in May 2006.

Rachel Copeland, an Education major, developed educational questions to correlate with the documentary series; which also fulfilled our obligation to Thomson Higher Education, who purchased the rights to the documentary series.

Raquel Corona, who is fluent in Spanish, translated Young Struggles, Eternal Faith into Spanish, so that the film and its valuable information could reach a broader audience.

Kathryn Dykeman developed the content for the Periclean Scholars website.

Rachel Hinson, a worker for the elite Program at Elon, contributed to the development of the Periclean Scholars website.

Bridgette Burckell and Danielle Buonocone organized the premiere of You Wake Me Up.

Amber King created the blog for World AIDS Day www.worldaidsdaypledge.blogspot.com, which prompted individuals around the world to make a pledge about how they personally would contribute to stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The third documentary in the four part series, You Wake Me Up premiered. Amanda Taylor narrated the film and Ashley Moyer contributed largely to the production of this film. Young Struggles, Eternal Faith, the fourth and final documentary also premiered this semester. Click here to learn more about the documentaries.

Kathryn Dykeman and Amber King attended "Action for AIDS" an event held at Wake Forest University (WFU) campus, intiated by the WFU chapter of the Student Global AIDS Campaign (SGAC) to advocate awareness on their campus. They made contacts with other AIDS activists in the area, and sold some of the t-shirts and documentaries that will continue to spread awareness throughout the WFU campus.

Lucy Steinitz, the fourth Periclean-in-Residence visited Elon's campus, and the entire surrounding community was influenced by her presence. Lucy is the co-founder of Catholic AIDS Action and is now the Senior Technical Officer for Faith Based Programs.
Click here to learn more about Lucy Steinitz and our other Pericleans-in-Residence.