Most recent meeting at Elon University of Class of 2006 Alumni Members


The Alumni Association met for the first time in the Holland House over Homecoming weekend on Saturday, November 4.  It took a lot to get us to focus after not having seen each other for such a long time, but we circled up eventually and began to give updates about what we’d all been up to since graduation.  These included nonprofit jobs, mall jobs, waitressing jobs, AmeriCorps, and work a the Pericles office in New York! 

Then, our in-house Pericles insider Jonathan gave us an update on Pericles headquarters, which was, to be honest, a bit disappointing.  He said that Eugene is a bit difficult to work for, the organization is lacking a mission and doesn’t seem to have a central purpose, which was frustrating. 

We then got updates from the representatives from the Classes of 2007 and 2008 — the 07s seem to be doing great work in Honduras and the 08s seem to be getting their bearings in Mexico.  We received a mix review of the class of 2009’s progress (but we all know how hard the first semester is, so the general thought was that they will eventual gain footing). 

The truly amazing part of the Alumni Association meeting was seeing how much the Periclean Alumni had integrated social issues and awareness into their work lives (not to mention their everyday lives).  I was so proud at that moment to be part of a group of people doing such wonderful work in the world post-graduation.  Not many people are so lucky — or will make the profound professional impact I know we all will make. 



The Periclean Scholars Alumni Association is an organization of alumni of the Periclean Scholars program at Elon University, Elon, North Carolina.

Our mission is to maintain a network of people to continue to expand and nurture both the work of the graduated classes and current classes of Periclean Scholars while supporting the mission of the Periclean Scholars program in general. 



To keep the Periclean Scholar alumni informed about the current classes of Periclean Scholars, to contribute to the success of all classes of Periclean Scholars and to maintain a network of civically engaged people. 

To be a resource and a support network for the current and future classes of Periclean Scholars to help them attain the goals that they have set for themselves. 


What We Do:

The foremost goal is to provide support to the current classes of Periclean Scholars.  Support can come in many different forms.  For example, some alumni will have connections which could lead to useful contacts or financial donations to support the current classes.  Additionally alumni may be called upon to consult on specific proposals and issues. 


When We Meet:

Each fall during Homecoming Weekend the Periclean Scholars Alumni Association will convene to discuss what has happened over the past year.  Members of the current classes of Periclean Scholars will be invited to discuss what their classes have planned for the upcoming year and how they intend to accomplish those goals.


Connection to the Elon Alumni Association:

All students that have attended Elon are members of Elon’s Alumni Association, but to be a member of the Periclean Scholars you must have graduated as a member of the Periclean Scholar class. 



There will be no dues associated with the Periclean Scholars Alumni Association.  However, donations to the Periclean Scholars Alumni Association are always welcome.  Those funds can be used by the President to enrich the organization as he or she sees fit.


Board of Directors:

For the first set of Board of Directors, there will be six members of the inaugural class of Periclean Scholars.  The six members will be elected by their class; two will serve for only one year, two for two years, and two for three years.  The second graduating class will have four alumni elected to the Board of Directors the year of their graduation.  Two of those members will serve for one year and the final two will serve for two years.  The following year, the same procedure will occur with four alumni being elected with two serving for one year and the other two for two years.  Each subsequent year, there will be two members elected for a two year term. 

 The year of graduation two members will be elected by each class when a majority (50%+1) is present.  The President will be elected in the same way, there must be a majority (50%+1) present.  The President may be elected from one of the Board of Directors or from outside the board and if he or she is on the Board of Directors, he or she may vote in the election.  If the current classes of Periclean Scholars wishes, they may have two representatives sit on the Board of Directors, however, those representatives do not have any voting power.  The person or persons with the greatest number of votes will be elected to the position that they were running for.

There will be a President of the Periclean Scholars Alumni Association elected by the members of the Board of Directors.  The President of the Periclean Scholars Alumni Association is elected for a two year period of time.  The first President will be elected by the Class of 2006 and will serve until Homecoming Weekend 2008. 


President’s Duties:

To start with, the only executive will be the President due to the small number of members.  After a few years, the bylaws should be changed to add other executive members. 

The duties of the President will be all inclusive; the duties can either be done by the President or delegated to the Board of Directors or other willing parties.  Those responsibilities include, but are not limited to, communication with members of the association, communication with the Board of Directors, planning the structure of Homecoming Weekend, arranging with the University for facilities, and being a liaison between the alumni and current classes.

If the President does not wish to complete his or her term as President, the President may appoint someone to the position of President until the following meeting during Homecoming Weekend.  If the Board of Directors want to release the President of his or her duties, the Board of Directors may take a vote and if 2/3 or greater of the Board votes to relieve the President of the office the board must then elect a new President by a simple majority.  The new President will then serve until Homecoming Weekend.



Elections will be held for the month prior to Homecoming Weekend.  The Board of Directors is charged with maintaining a current alumni e-mail database which can be used to contact members of the Alumni Association.  All alumni will be sent an e-mail two months prior to Homecoming Weekend soliciting nominations for the Board of Directors whose members are up for re-election. 

The votes will be sent to an e-mail box which is monitored by a person who is not involved with the election of the Board of Directors.  That person will tally the votes and announce during Homecoming Weekend who the new Board of Directors are.

Nominations can be made by an individual for themselves or can come from another alumni.  If there is a tie, the tie will be decided by the outgoing President


Communication with Alumni:

The Board of Directors will maintain a database with alumni e-mail addresses and contact information.  To save costs, all communication to the entire group will be done through e-mail.  It is preferable for the Alumni Association to have the alumni addresses that end in @alumni.elon.edu so that the alumni is responsible for keeping their address updated with Elon. 

It is preferable to limit communication to a quarterly newsletter.  This newsletter can contain information about what the current classes are involved in and other news pertaining to the alumni ranging from job promotions to weddings.

There will also be an alumni website created about alumni events and what is going on with the alumni.  To begin with, we would piggyback off of the current Periclean Scholars 2006 website until we find a good home for the site.  This site will be maintained by either the Board of Directors or a volunteer.


The Future of the Organization:

As the organization grows, it would be ideal for association to grow as well.  These “bylaws” can be update at any time as long as there is a majority (50%+1) present and that the updated bylaws are approved by 2/3 of the people present. 

As the person writing these bylaws, I would like to see this organization grow and become a place where the alumni association becomes a civically engaged organization like Eugene Lang envisioned when he created Project Pericles.  I would like to see this organization grow as a fundraising entity where we can help support the current projects of the Periclean Scholars and even outside projects the members feel are worthwhile. 


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