Elon University Periclean Scholars Alumni

Minutes from the Meeing of the Periclean Alumni Association on October 27, 2007


Present: Jen DeSimone, Liz Earle, Natasha Christensen, Damian Duncan, David Higham, Jim Brown.

The meeting was called to order at 10:30 a.m.

In a conference call, Tom Arcaro updated the group on campus developments. 

Anita Isaacs will be on campus from 27 November to 10 December.  She will be involved in a number of events on campus (including Africa Awareness sponsored by the Periclean Scholars Class of 2010 and AIDS Awareness Day), area universities (Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC-Greensboro), and local organizations (Alamance Cares and area churches), as well as talking with Elon classes and student groups.  She will also be featured on the nationally syndicated National Public Radio show “The Story” with Dick Gordon during her stay.

The Redwoods Group has established an endowment of $125,000 to benefit the Periclean Scholars Program.  It will be the task of the Periclean Scholars Alumni Association to develop a process for evaluating requests for funds from the various current and alumni classes.  The Redwoods Group has also given funds for scholarships that will help several Class of 2008 students travel to Chiapas on their December-January service trip.

The main business of the meeting was discussing the process for allocating funds from the Redwoods Group endowment.  In the first year, $5000 will be available and will be distributed evenly to the five classes (two alumni classes and three current classes).  The deadline for proposals will be January 15.  The first task is to develop a Request for Proposals (RFP) form by which individual classes will apply for funding.  We will use the internet to develop the form by mid November.

The group thought that a Blackboard website would be most useful as a vehicle for communication among alumni for discussing the RFP form and proposals as well as for discussions of other Alumni business.  Because the time for annual meetings will probably be very short, the idea will be to do as much as possible electronically in preparation for the annual meeting.  Jim Brown will work with the university to set up a Blackboard site.

The group discussed the desirability for engaging in local as well as international issues.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:30.

Elon, North Carolina
President Leo M. Lambert
Periclean Program Director Tom Arcaro

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