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Class of 2007 Periclean Scholars

All Periclean Alumni from Class of 2007 have been listed below alphabetically with contact information, a short bio including occupation and area of residence, and a statement of how being a Periclean Scholars has impacted their current lifestyle.

Please feel free to contact anyone with questions, concerns, comments, etc. They are here to help you!


Name: Natasha Christensen*
Email: Natasha.christensen@gmail.com
Job: Legal Assistant
Employer:Thelen Reid Brown Raysman and Steiner LLP
Location: Washington, DC

Periclean Impact:  Project Pericles and being a Periclean Scholar has impacted the way I view the world and the effect small acts can have on it. It showed me how linked we all are to everything and how impossible it is to remain indifferent once you open your eyes. I know that I will take all I have learned about creating something from nothing, to working with a group, to fully committing to a cause greater than myself, and to applying that and so much more to everything I do in the future. I want to be someone that Pericles himself would be proud of, an informed, engaged and productive citizen of the world.

Name: Khara Conlon*
Email: KharaConlon@gmail.com
Job: Elementary Teacher
Employer: Indian River School District
Location: Fenwick Island, Delaware

Periclean Impact: I could not have imagined a better organization to be a part of during my undergrad college experience! My outlook on life was broadened greatly through Periclean Scholars, changing who I am and my goals. Working together with my classmates, being a scholar allowed me to understand the endless possibilities we must work towards and the unbelievable amount of impact that we can have on others. We are all here to serve and now we understand that it can be done through everything we do as long as we continue to be aware and strive to be a part. Being a Periclean Scholar helped to open my eyes to the lifestyle I want as well as giving me the opportunities and the connections I need to live it. I have just returned from doing volunteer work in Honduras over the summer (2007) and am planning my next trip back. We understand sustainability and are here to do our best to make it work!

Name: Elizabeth Earle*
Email: eearle84@gmail.com
Job: Underwriter in the Commercial Property Division
Employer: AIG
Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Periclean Impact: The Periclean Scholars program and specifically our project in Honduras has helped me see the world around me in a whole new light. I work hard now so I can return and make a sustainable impact on the children in Honduras. The project has changed my outlook on life and on the potential of myself and others.

Name: Stacy Lucius*
Email: stacy.lucius@gmail.com
Location: New Riegel, Ohio

Name: Jennifer De Simone*
Email: Jennifer.m.desimone@gmail.com
Job: Graduate student; intern
Employer: American University; Amnesty International
Location: Washington, D. C.

Name: Stephen McCoy*
Email: mccoystephen@yahoo.com
Job: Disney- History Graduate Student
Employer: Disney
Location: Orlando, Florida

Name: Beth Roberts*
Email: eroberts10@gmail.com
Job: Project Assistant, Issues Management on a project called the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (www.fightchronicdisease.org) which is working to bring about health care reform with better prevention and management of chronic disease that provides better, less expensive health care for Americans.
Employer: APCO Worldwide
Location: Washington, DC

Periclean Impact:  The Periclean Scholars Program instilled in me a commitment to service and global social responsibility.  As I enter the "real world," I hope to keep this commitment alive in my daily life and through the organizations with which I associate.  Periclean Scholars helped me realize the blessings I have been given and helped me begin to understand atrocities around the world.  I am proud to be a member of this incredible organization for life.

Name: Emily Sargent*
Email: emily.n.sargent@gmail.com
Job: strategic management and consulting; volunteering with a student-run non-profit
Employer: Touchstone Consulting Group; Students Helping Honduras
Location: Washington, D.C.

*Please contact me if for any help, I am willing to help a Periclean Function in the nearby area!

Elon, North Carolina
President Leo M. Lambert
Periclean Program Director Tom Arcaro
Class Mentor Dr. Jim Brown

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