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Periclean Scholars 2006

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All Periclean Alumni from the Class of 2006 have been listed below alphabetically with contact information, a short bio including occupation and area of residence, and a statement of how being a Periclean Scholar has impacted their current lifestyle.

Please feel free to contact anyone with questions, concerns, comments, etc. They are here to help you!

Class of 2006 Periclean Scholars

Name: Jonathon Aleshire*
Email: jaleshire@gmail.com
Job: Admissions Counselor
Description: Works with prospective students
Employer: Elon University
Location: Elon, NC

Periclean Impact:  Periclean Scholars gave me a broader outlook on life. I think everyone, especially college students, has a tendency to focus on themselves and forget that there is a world around us that in some areas is struggling. Being a Periclean Scholar has given me a way of life. I am now attending law school and hope that I can use the skills gained through Periclean Scholars to make a difference in Elon's law school as well as the surrounding community.

Name: Julie Bourbeau*
Email: julie.bourbeau@gmail.com
Job Description:  Writing, editing, going to a million meetings...
Employer: Chemonics International Inc.
Location: Mid-Atlantic

Name: Bridget Burckell*
Email: bburckell@gmail.com
Job: Traffic and Logistics Coordinator
Description:I work for an international trade company and basically do all of the trafficing for food products to french speaking countries throughout the world.
Employer: PS International, Ltd.
Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Name: Colleen Clark*
Email: colleen_n_clark@yahoo.com
Job: Graduate school
Description: I'm studying Non-Profit Management. I was elected President of my Graduate Student Association. This summer (2008) I'm volunteering for the International AIDS Society in Geneva, Switzerland, serving on the communications team for the AIDS 2008 conference in Mexico City. This is the largest conference for a global health issue in the world, so thousands of journalists alone will be in attendance.  I
Employer: Indiana University-Bloomington
Location: Bloomington, Indiana

Periclean Impact: The Periclean Scholars took my general ethic of service and applied it to the global policy arena.  Being involved in the program showed me the power of leadership, policy, and philanthropy.  It was part of my inspiration to attend graduate school, and the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to be a focus in my professional endeavors.

Name: Rachel Copeland*
Email:   rachcopeland@gmail.com
Job: AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer
Description: I work specifically with children who have an incarcerated parent.  I visit prisons weekly to receive referrals, work with recruiting volunteers, and monthly I plan an event for the "Amachi children" (children who have a parent incarcerated).  My term of service ends in August and I will pursue more work with children and human rights in some capacity. I will also be applying to graduate school.
Employer: AmeriCorps/Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Periclean Impact:   I am passionate about the rights of children worldwide and it all started when I was exposed to the stories of the children in Namibia.  I also know that people can make an impact in the lives of others.  Being a Periclean scholar made me even more passionate and determined concerning social issues .

Name: Rebecca Doane*
Email: radoane5@hotmail.com
Job: Teacher; graduate school in education with a concentration on early childhood and childhood
Description: working with pre-kindergarten kids
Employer: Mt. Kisko schools
Location: Mt. Kisko, New York

Name: Damon Duncan*
Email: dduncan2@elon.edu or damon_duncan@yahoo.com
Job: Law Student
Description: reading and studying ...a lot
Employer: Elon University School of Law
Location: High Point, NC

Periclean Impact: Periclean Scholars has afforded me the opportunity to become better educated on human rights issues from a global perspective.  In addition to this, Periclean Scholars was a vehicle for me to act on issues that I learned about.  Too often education is limited to a classroom.  Periclean Scholars and Elon University brea ks the boundaries of a classroom and expand it to places around the world. This engaged learning has encouraged me to be more than simply a bystander.  Instead, it has encouraged me to be an engaged actor in both school and in life.

Name: Anna Gladlowki*
Email: annaglodowski@gmail.com
Job: Secondary special educationl in New York Teaching Fellows program (start in June 2008)
Employer: New York City Public Schools
Location: New York (Bronx), New York

Name: Hayley Gravette*
Email: gravette@umich.edu
Job: Student at The School of Social Work
Employer: University of Michigan
Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Periclean Impact:  I was greatly affected by being a Periclean Scholar and yes, it changed my post-graduate life. I became more interested in the non-profit sector and re-geared my job searches to find a job working for a cause that I believed in where I could make a direct impact using my college experiences.

Name: David Higham*
Email: higham.david@gmail.com
Job: Retail Sales; master's degree student in business administration
Employer: Bag'n Baggage; Elon University Business School
Location: Greensboro, NC

Periclean Impact:   It most definitely made an impact on where I work (at Project Pericles) but more so in how I view a career. I learned how to make a positive change through a variety of methods - and that I can have a full career without sacrificing my beliefs.

Name: Rachel Hinson*
Email: rjhinson@gmail.com
Job: Supervisor at a public library; also working on a master's degree in library and information science online
Description: Helping customers locate information, acting as the librarian in-charge
Employer: Howard County Library; Drexel University (online)
Location: Columbia, Maryland

Periclean Impact: Being a member of the Periclean Scholars has changed my whole direction in life.  It's made me more self-aware, more sensitive to the world around me, and more aware of my role as a global citizen.  I'm now dedicated to living a life of public service, which I've realized is something I need in my life to feel fulfilled.  No matter what my day-to-day job is, I will always be a Periclean Scholar in mind and in heart.

Name: Laura Iannacone*
Email: liannacone@gmail.com
Job: Graduate Student, Nurse Practitioner Program at Vanderbilt University
Description: Learning the ins and outs of becoming a nurse/nurse practitioner, taking classes online and starting a preceptorship (shadowing nurse practitioners) in the spring 2007.
Employer: Vanderbilt University (Nashville, TN)
Location: Charlotte, NC

Periclean Impact:  Being a Periclean changed me in so many ways. I went from being a timid freshman to a self aware and confident senior upon graduation. My experiences in travel helped me become more aware of the world around me and introduced me to people I will forever be connected to, and will never forget. Lifewise, post-grad, being a Periclean has kept me world-focused and given me a potential idea for a job in the future (traveling as a nurse all over the world)!

Name: Amber King*
Email: amberdawnking@gmail.com
Job: Customer care professional / Employee Volunteer Council
Description: Delivering world-class service
Employer: American Express
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

Periclean Impact: Being involved in Project Pericles throughout college and travelling to Namibia for first-hand experience gave me an opportunity to reach out further than I ever thought possible. The memories are still strong; however, most significantly the inspiration from a small group that did big things gives me the courage to maintain this outlook in my personal and professional activities.

Name: Marissa Morris-Jones*
Email: morrisjones@uchicago.edu
Job:  Graduate Student of Clinical Social Work. Part Time: Study with a school field office
Description: Maintaining the agency database so students can have internships
Employer: University of Chicago, School of Social Service Administration, Field Office
Location: Midwest

Periclean Impact:  Being a Periclean Scholar as an undergraduate still impacts my life quite frequently. Just today, I spoke with a Professor about a research project that I plan to do concerning AIDS prevention in Windhoek with the Himba tribe. I remain very close with Dr. Lucy Steinitz and Dr. Tom Arcaro and am continually inspired by their influence in my life. Being a Periclean Scholar will always influence the way I think about Africa, our world, and my ability to play a role as an engaged citizen.

Name: Jennifer Pierson
Email: j.l.pierson@gmail.com
Job: Member of the staff at IRC
Description: Volunteer and donations coordinator
Employer: International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Location: Arizona

Periclean Impact:  Periclean Scholars helped widen my world view and changed my life in more ways than I even realize. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of PS 2006 and especially to have participated in our trip to Namibia Winter Term 2006. Taken as a whole, Periclean Scholars and my study abroad experiences, inspired me to continue fighting for social justice in all I do.

Name: Emily Sears*
Email: esears525@gmail.com
Job: IT Recruiter
Description: Help software developers and other technical professionals find gainful employment
Employer: TEK systems
Location: DC Area

Periclean Impact:  Being a Periclean Scholar in many ways defined my undergrad experience. The program was and still is extremely important to me. I was able to see how true passion and dedication can bring about profound change in the world. This program most definitley changed the way that I see the world and my place in it.  As a periclean scholar alumni I have a committment to become engaged in my local community. In January 2007I raised $5,000 for HIV/AIDS by participating in the Miami AIDS Marathon Training Program.

Name: Amanda Taylor*
Email: amandarhodestaylor@yahoo.com
Job: Associate producer and artist manager
Description: Developing new musicals and supporting non-profit dance
Employer: The Cooper Company
Location: New York, New York

Name: Becky Schrier*
Email: colleen_n_clark@yahoo.com and rebeccaschrier@yahoo.com
Job: National Public Service
Description: Broad range service
Employer: AmeriCorps *NCCC
Location: All over Southeast

Periclean Impact:  Periclean Scholars changed the way I looked at Elon, at myself, at my peers and at the world. It made me open my eyes to some difficult things and helped me experience some of the greatest memories I'll ever have. I'm actually finding out now that it changed my life more than I thought it had originally. It gave me a sense of fulfillment that I haven't been able to recreate since I've graduated - I'm still working to fill the void.

Name: Samantha White*
Email: sam.s.white@gmail.com
Job: Non-Profit
Description: Researching and training assistant. I do the programatic work for the organization's fellowship, fundraisers and leadership trainings for women journalists internationally. We just finished (April 2008) a huge initiative in Africa where we worked with media houses in three countries and trained journalists on how to accurately and consistently report on HIV/AIDS. The simple underlying idea is that the more HIV/AIDS is in the media, the more people will remain knowledgeable and take action. And, we just got funding for a new project using the same model with an agricultural focus!
Employer: International Women's Media Foundation
Location: Washington, DC

Periclean Impact: I was deeply affected by my time with Project Pericles as an undergraduate. It broadened my worldview, made me think deeper and fuller, and gave me a sense of curiosity about why things are the way they are. Now, working in international development, there are parallels and lessons learned in Pericles that I draw upon every day.

*Please contact me for any help; I am willing to help a Periclean Function in the nearby area!

The inaugural class set the tone, pace and commitment that has led to so many Periclean achievements both at Elon and globally. Under the direction of Tom Arcaro, a small class of students chose to study and embrace the AIDS dilemma in Africa. There web site listed at the top will do them more justice explaining their goals, achievements, and hard work. I am proud to say that I am a member of the Elon Periclean Scholars Program following this strong and motivated class. As Alumni, the Class of 2006 met over Homecoming weekend in the fall of 2006 to update one another on their progress as graduates and to educate themselves on the current Periclean classes. The minutes from the meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. They are a devoted group of men and women who have not given up their duty as a Periclean after graduation. They continue to serve and strive to help and aid our current & future classes.

Periclean Scholars Class of 2006 Update

Elon, North Carolina
President Leo M. Lambert
Periclean Program Director Tom Arcaro

Elon Project Pericles Web site

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