The top three Democratic primary candidates kept busy on the campaign trail last Sunday, all employing the same tried-and-true political strategies: giving inspiring speeches, kissing babies and of course, crossing the line between church and state as much as possible.

In a state like South Carolina, which sits in the middle of the Bible Belt and features a powerful evangelical voting bloc, any politician knows that winning votes means discussing religion, even if it goes against the very fundamentals the nation was founded on.

Edwards knew it, and he chose to visit Zion Baptist Church to meet with its congregation Sunday afternoon. He hoped to sway voter opinions before the South Carolina primary election Saturday by showing up in the place that means most to them.

Obama knew it,....

For years, whenever students would pour through Octagon or downstairs McEwen to grab a quick bite to eat on-the-go, they would have to drink out of the same plastic foam cups that have been at Elon for too long. Talk to any of the professors from the environmental science department and they could have told you that there were a lot more environmentally friendly alternatives for the school to provide.

There was a large crowd of students who didnít appreciate the cups. Numerous complaints were made, columns and editorials written, even a ďBring Your Own CupĒ day was sponsored to reduce the number of these cups being used on campus. The student body wanted to get the message out that they did not approve of these cups that were so hazardous for the environment.

The students asked for i....

I have been following your Presidential campaign since you announced you were entering the race in New Orleans nearly one year ago, and I have to say, bravo sir.

Throughout the race you have stressed the important issues that America should be focusing on: global warming, healthcare, jobs and poverty.

For too long Americans have been ignoring these important issues; you and your campaign has helped to bring them to the forefront. For this you should be commended.

Iím sure that the campaign has been a vigorous and exhausting one for you, especially with Elizabethís cancer. You seem determined to see how the race will play out until the end, as you should be. Unfortunately, I believe that it is time to throw in the towel.

Through the debates, polling and the outcomes of the caucu....

Thatís what Steve Jobs would have you believe. Havenít you seen the commercials? Hip, cool-looking trendy stud: ďHi, Iím a MacĒ Middle-aged and balding man in business attire: ďHi, Iím a PC.Ē

Steve Jobs, co-founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple, Inc. has been at it ever since he re-assumed leadership at the then-fledgling Apple in late 1996.

Youíve undoubtedly been acquainted with the innovation of Appleís products since then: the juvenile-looking, brightly colored iMacs of the 90s, the more recent silver and white Apple laptops that seem to have infiltrated the campus, the astoundingly thin new iMac found in todayís computer labs and what was that last thing? The iPod? Yeah, thatís it.

The Macworld Conference and Expo was last week. Macworld is an annual trade show featuring t....

If thereís one thing that CNN Headline News regularly accomplishes, itís the stationís perpetual ineptitude and the speed with which it tops its own incompetence. However, perhaps Iím being too harsh here; let me add some background to this criticism.

Last Tuesday, while I was getting ready for work, I turned on CNN Headline News for the sole reason that CNN was on a commercial break and FOX News was, well, FOX News.

Letís run over the news events of that day: Citigroup had lost $10 billion and announced it would be cutting 4,200 more jobs (in addition to the 17,000 announced last spring). Consumer spending dropped in December while new reports indicated that wholesale inflation for 2007 was 6.3 percent, the highest in 26 years. President Bush was in Saudi Arabia discussing oil pric....

Dear all of you ďSo Iím Thinking about going GreekĒ girls,

Your application has been filed, and your name is on our lists. Beginning Saturday, you will be going through the five-day period that all of us sorority women went through Ė formal recruitment. In that time, your life at Elon will be forever changed. No matter how intense that may sound, itís absolutely true.

I decided to go through recruitment because it just seemed like the thing to do. Walking around campus as a freshman, I couldnít help but notice girls wearing their letter shirts and seeing fun parties on Facebook featuring sorority women. Also, being from Texas, I saw it as either you go Greek or you go home. All of my friends from back home went through recruitment in the fall and only one had an enjoyable experience.....