:: Trash and Ethics - A Match made at Elon

Passerby's stand and watch the spectacle: Christine Irvine, Caitlin Goodspeed, Dr. Weston
Elon students have invested their time and energy in creating a waste production awareness campaign. Anthony Weston's Philosophy 115 class planned and coordinated a series of events last week as part of their Ethical Change project.

During dinner at Harden Cafeteria on Wednesday, students collected trash from the dining hall to determine the amount of food waste produced. Other "Lighten Up Elon" events included the College Coffee challenge to carry one's monthly waste production.

The class also created a shock-wave in the Elon community by displaying Elon's total waste production during the day. The garbage was scattered on the lawn in front of the Moseley Center.

Student separately recycleable from trash
The festivities concluded with the use of reusable cups at a picnic commemorating the self-awareness of waste production.

The Ethical Change project is an opportunity to put ethics theory into practice. "Lighten Up Elon," refers to the effort of promoting ecological ethical behavior in light of the current environmental changes, and our role and responsibility to promote value and integrity towards the environment in which we live.

"We want to inspire students to take a minute out of their day and ask themselves, 'What can I do to do my part and help reduce waste on campus?'" freshman Shawn Kennedy said. "Whether that means recycling, just being more responsible with our waste, or reducing use of our resources, we want students on campus to be more responsible for their actions and more respectful of our planet."

Reporter: Elizabeth Foggie - Photos: Elizabeth Foggie 04/19/07