Volume XXIX Issue 25  April 25, 2002

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  Some Elon dining facilities not up to par

Stephen Facella - Reporter
Acorn Coffee Shop workers prepare sandwiches for students.

Annette Randall / Photo Editor

Last month, Harden, McEwen, Octagon, Acorn Coffee Shop, Cantina Roble, Danieley Commons and the Elon Catering Pantry were inspected by the Alamance County Health Department. Some of the results were less than appetizing.

The quality of restaurants’ sanitation is reviewed and given a raw numerical score. Points are deducted for various infractions. Harden dining hall received a raw score of 89.5 percent, Acorn Coffee Shop received a raw score of 88 percent, Octagon’s score was 91.5 percent, Danieley Commons’ score was 93.5 percent and newly re-opened Cantina Roble’s raw score was 90 percent. Both the Elon catering pantry and McEwen dining hall won with the top scores on campus: 94.5 percent.

An establishment can raise its score by two points if the manager takes a 14-hour course called SafeServe. This course teaches restaurant sanitation practices, proper food temperature and proper handling of food. All of Elon’s dining facilities managers have taken the course, along with a representative of Sandy’s Subs.

Although not all of Elon’s dining facilities’ scores received top marks, local restaurants such as The Sidetrack Grill and Subway consistently have excellent scores. Sidetrack has an almost perfect score of 99 percent, and Subway weighed in with 98.5 percent.

In addition to The Sidetrack Grill and Subway, West End Station also receive an "A" rating with a score of 92.5 percent. The Elon Pizza Hut received a score of 90 percent, Domino’s Pizza topped that with a 96 percent, while Sandy’s Subs only got a raw score of 88.5 percent.

All inspections are unannounced.

If a restaurant receives a score lower than 90 percent, by law, they can request a re-inspection within 15 days of the infraction.

The Alamance County Health Department takes restaurant sanitation and the inspections very seriously.

* "Do not keep door propped open; install fly fan if needed (back door)"

* "Hot water in kitchen 172°F, front cooking area and bar 120°F; both need minimum 130°F!"

* "Ice bin being used for drink storage and not drink ice"

* "Residential food processor needs to be removed"

Pizza Hut of Elon

Score: 90.0 Raw Score:

Inspection Date: 02/01/2002

* "Dishwashing continues to be big problem; pans, utensils have food on them; dishwashing must improve!! (check pans, dishes prior to removing from machine)"

* "Utensils need to be kept in clean containers; trash in bottom of containers"

* "Improvements must be made in order to maintain ‘A’ grade"

* "Cleaning needs to be improved and practiced on a DAILY basis"

* "Bathrooms look good"

Domino’s Pizza

Score: 96.0 Raw Score:

Inspection Date: 01/15/2002

* "Gaskets on reach-in cooler need cleaning; clean unit where doors close"

* "Clean tracks where racks slide in reach-in unit"

* "Toilet needs cleaning under rim"

* "Floor needs to be cleaned around washer and dryer; floors overall look good"

* "Keep all storage off floor (signs, etc. around washer)"

* "Temperatures look good"

Daniely Center Commons

Score: 95.5 Raw Score: 93.5

Inspection Date: 03/06/2002

* "Monitor cleaned items; thorough cleaning of ALL ITEMS needed; some spillage on clean items; clean slicer more thoroughly"

* "Do not allow pressure washer components to touch food containers near washed/stacked items"

Sandy’s Subs

Score: 90.5 Raw Score: 88.5

Inspection Date: 02/26/2002

* "Dishmachine sanitizer only 10 PPM; should be at least 50 PPM; have fixed immediately"

* "Work on better cleaning of tongs, pitchers, and dishes"

* "General equipment cleaning needed on all surfaces throughout entire facility (gaskets, refrigerator, freezers, fryer, oven, cooking area, sinks, countertops, shelves)"

* "Microwave interior worn/rusty"

* "Cooler floor rusty"

* "Do not line shelves with cardboard

* "Keep items stored off floor (kegs) to facilitate cleaning"



West End Station

Score: 92.5 Raw Score:

Inspection Date: 03/13/2002

* "Chest freezer not NSF or equal; all equipment shall be NSF or equal"

* "Discard containers and lids if cracked or stained"

* "Rusty shelf in keg cooler (not using; remove and discard)"

* "Soap needed at bar handsink; towels need to be placed closer to sink"

* "Dumpster lid missing; need to replace dumpster

* "Keep storage off floor"



 Elon University Catering Pantry

Score: 96.5 Raw Score: 94.5

Inspection Date: 03/19/2002

* "Keep sanitizer solution at proper strength (dispenser not working properly)"

* "Need suitable storage spaces for cleaned china used in catering; the AC/heat room across hall not suitable"

* "Clean around compactor"

* "All storage in storage rooms need to be up off floor 12 inches, or on carts"

Octagon Cafe

Score: 93.5 Raw Score: 91.5

Inspection Date: 03/19/2002

* "Keep potentially hazardous condiments at 45°F or lower (ham and mushrooms 50-52°F)"

* "Replace any rough, stained cutting boards that are not kept clean"

* "Replace ice scoops"

Longbranch Steakhouse & Saloon

Score: 80.5 Raw Score:

Inspection Date: 04/08/2002

* "Pans should be cleaned better; the process of cleaning, sanitizing, air-drying, and storage of utensils needs work"

* "Dishroom, food prep areas all need to be clean; keep unclean items off of food prep areas (radio, personal drink on meat table in back)"

* "Dishracks are in poor condition (not smooth and easily cleanable); food residue cooked into surfaces by dishmachine"

* "Food processor should not be beside handwash lavatory (or install splashshield on side of lavatory)"

* "Keep storage above the floor on approved racks (no plastic crates)"

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