Barack Obama: Senator from Illinois

Foreign policy: While Obama agrees that the surge strategy has made a difference in Iraq, he believes that it has failed. While he has not promised to do so, he hopes to remove all troops from Iraq by 2013. He has criticized Clinton for being inconsistent about the Iraq War and believes that the world is more dangerous because of Bush’s actions. Obama has called China a competitor but stresses that it is not an enemy. He hopes to strengthen the U.S.-Mexico relationship and says that U.S. policy should promote human rights and democracy. He vows to meet with Fidel Castro, Kim Jung Il and Hugo Chavez and has criticized the Bush administration for failing to do so.

Health are and Social Security: Obama has criticized Clinton for her support of health....

Chances are, you have never driven past Bay St. Louis, Miss. And if you have, you probably wouldn’t remember it. A tiny coastal town of about 8,000 people, it is easy to miss on a map and easy to pass by on the highway. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina did not overlook this community, slamming head-on into the settlement on Aug. 29, 2005.

A little more than two years after the hurricane made its impact, the community is still struggling to rebuild itself. Luckily, Elon is there to lend a hand in those reconstruction efforts.

Sophomores Jonathan Mahlandt and Josh Tate are leading a group of 22 Elon students to the town as part of a Fake Break service trip sponsored by Elon Volunteers! They will join others working for the Camp Coastal organization, based in Kiln, Miss.

This is the....

Anyone on campus last fall saw the banner adorning Moseley Center proclaiming that Elon tops the nation in community service.

The Corporation for National and Community Service thought Elon had it all: tutor and mentor programs, Project Pericles, Service Learning Courses and America Reads. But Elon’s community service seems to be lacking in one key area – animal protection.

This banner was inspiration for junior Sam Slaughter’s animal foster care program on campus.

Last year, Slaughter’s anthropology professor Anne Bolin assigned her students the task of finding a solution for a problem at Elon. Slaughter, who fosters dogs at his home in New Jersey, thought it might help the community if students did the same thing here.

Slaughter’s idea was to bring dogs from local animal shel....