Most Honorable Founder, A. Langston Taylor was a tall, lanky lad from Memphis, TN; easy going but tireless. His eyes were set deep in a brown skin face that showed a squared chin and prominent ears. His speech was pleasant; his oratory stirring. One of the greatest names in Sigma, Most Honorable Founder Taylor was the spark that lighted the Sigma flame among the three.

More than any other he is responsible for the growth of the Fraternity - especially in the earlier years. He has been National Pres., Secretary, Treas., Field Secy.,and President of the Distinguished Service Chapter. Most Honorable Founder Taylor was an Elk and a 33rd degree F&AM PHA. His triumphant life came to an end August 8, 1953.


Most Honorable Founder, Leonard F. Morse was handsome, shy thin and dark. He was very much the New Englander-from New Bedford Massachusetts. He was the first elected Alpha Chapter President; holder of Sigma's Distinguished Service Key. Most Honorable Founder Morse was also the first male student at Howard University to earn two degrees in three years.

He also earned (3) bachelor degrees, (1) Master Degree (2) Doctorate Degrees before his death. Most Honorable Founder Morse was the President of both Edward Waters College, and Dean of both Payne University and Bethel Colleges. He later became the Florida State Dir., and personally organized nine chapters within that state.


Most Honorable Founder, Charles I. Brown was physically a little smaller than average; his cheek bones were high, his "cowlicks" deep. Socially, he was known to be a "perfect gentleman." This is to say that he had that gracious courtesy that is commonly associated with the Eighteenth Century ideal type; never hurried, never flustered reticent and affable.

He was the third member of the "Great Three" who founded Phi Beta Sigma. Most Honorable Founder Brown entered Howard University in 1907 graduating in 1914. After Graduating, he taught English for public schools in Topeka , KS. MHF Brown is noted for founding "Dangerous" Delta Chapter at Kansas State University, the first chapter in Sigma History to be chartered on a racially mixed university campus.