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After a decade away, Marion Aitcheson returns to the children’s home in Eisenach, Germany where she spent her adolescent years.  This documentary explores her bittersweet homecoming, reunites her with old friends and teachers, and brings her face to face with memories of the disintegration of her own family. Marion’s account of her experience emphasizes the strength of the government-run children’s homes in Germany, due in no small part to the commitment of the caretakers and teachers who provide structure, love and encouragement to the children under their care.

Still in operation, Marion’s home is now host to an extraordinary new social program in Germany that seeks to rehabilitate both children and parents of dysfunctional homes. This program is poignantly explored through her conversations with both the director and the children themselves.

Throughout her journey, Marion examines the often rough road children like her must travel toward stability and independence, giving thanks to those who helped her along the way.