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Elon University Omicron Delta Kappa Application

Each year the Elon University Circle of Omicron Delta Kappa inducts into membership those juniors and seniors who meet the academic requirement (top 35% of their class), who have been in residence at least one semester, and who have exhibited outstanding leadership within the University community. Important factors include participation in more than one area of campus activity as well as evidence of leadership and accomplishment. A committee composed of the ODK faculty advisor, the faculty secretary, and the ODK student officers meet for the selection process. Selection is based on the information provided by the applicant in the self-nomination process.

Complete the Student Nomination Form in detail and submit your application to Rex A Waters in the Center for Leadership, 224 Moseley Center, or campus box 2990. Applications are due no later than Thursday, October 15, 2009. Late applications will not be reviewed. New members will be “tapped” through November 11-20, and the induction ceremony will be on Sunday, February 8, 2009. Sponsor Forms are due no later than Thursday, October 15, 2009.

Student Nomination Form for Omicron Delta Kappa

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I. Student Information

Name_______________________________________ SS#________________________

Local Address (campus box)________________________________________________

____________________________________________ Phone______________________



Expected Date of Graduation___________________________

Faculty / Staff Advisor________________________________

II. Attach a list, in outline form, of your involvement at Elon University. List all organizations and activities in which you have been active, including dates. List all offices held and duties performed, including dates. Indicate what you regard as your accomplishments within these organizations. Use the categories below to structure your outline.

            A. Campus clubs and organizations (cultural, entertainment, departmental, Greeks, honor/academic, media, student publications, religious, service,

                campus government, special interest)

B. Community involvement (volunteer activities through Elon Volunteers!, a campus organization, a service learning course)

            C. Multicultural experiences

            D. Health, fitness, and recreation (intercollegiate sports, intramurals)

            E. Artistic development (performing arts, Lyceum Committee)

            F. Awards and honors (academic, athletic, leadership, civic)

III. On another separate page, submit a typed essay of no more than 200 words in which you indicate what you feel have been your most important contributions to the life of Elon University. 

IV. Ask a faculty or staff member to serve as your advisor. You should ask a faculty or staff member to write a note of recommendation. This advisor should be someone who can speak about your involvement and leadership within the campus community. Submit the attached Omicron Delta Kappa Advisor Form to the faculty or staff member that you have asked to be your advisor. Recommendation requests to faculty/staff should be made early. advisors should submit letters of recommendation directly to Rex A Waters in the Center for Leadership, 224 Moseley Center, or to campus box 2990, no later than Thursday, October 15, 2009.

Please note, your nomination form should be typed. Involvement lists should be concise and in outline form. No handwritten forms or involvement lists in paragraph form will be accepted.