Network of Directors of Undergraduate Research Experiences (NDURE)


 Below is a list of questions regarding how your Undergraduate Research (UR) Center/Program runs.

Our intention with this series of surveys is to provide information for use by other UR Center/Program directors in developing and improving their programs.  In disseminating this information, we can provide your data as coming from a specific size of institution, but some users might find it helpful to have more specific information. 

Would you be willing to have your institution's name associated with the information provided or would you prefer the identification information be removed before dissemination?                 

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Your Program/Center

1. Your name: 

2. Your email address:

3. Your title (with respect to your UR Program/Center):

4. Name of University or College:

5. Carnegie Classification for your institution:   

     (click here for definitions of Carnegie Classifications)

6. Approximate undergraduate enrollment: 

7. Title of UR Program/Center you direct:

8. Has your Program/Center formally adopted a definition for what constitutes "undergraduate research"?     Yes    No

9. If so, please insert a copy of that definition in the space below.

Definition of Undergraduate Research: 

10. Does your institutional mission statement specifically mention undergraduate research?    Yes    No

11. Does your Program/Center have a mission statement or vision statement?    Yes        No

12. If your Program/Center does have a mission or vision statement, please insert it in the space below.

Program/Center Mission or Vision Statement:

13. Please include any specific goals or objectives of your Undergraduate Research Program/Center:

14. Using the table below, please select all on-campus programmatic activities coordinated through your UR Program/Center, and indicate the approximate annual and per-item budget for them. 

Please round to whole numbers -- approximate values are sufficient.

Programmatic Activity



Per Event


Per Person


On-campus Celebration Event (Research Day, Student Research Presentations, etc) $ $
Student Stipends for Research
Summer $ $
During the academic year $ $
Faculty Stipends for Research
Summer $ $
During the academic year $ $
Housing for students involved in summer research
On-campus housing only $ $
Supplement for either on-campus or off-campus housing $ $
Board (meal plan) for students involved in summer research
For students living on-campus only $ $
For either on-campus or off-campus students $ $
Student Research Grants
Summer $ $
During the academic year $ $
Faculty Research Grants
Summer $ $
During the academic year $ $
Student Travel Grants
For student presentation at a conference/meeting $ $
For student attendance (but not presentation) $ $
Faculty Travel Grants
To accompany presenting students $ $
To accompany students who are attending but not presenting $ $
Undergraduate Research Journal
Discipline-specific $ $
Campus-wide $ $
Faculty Release/Reassigned time for research with undergraduates $ $
Faculty monetary compensation for research with undergraduates (e.g., overload pay) $ $
Faculty workshops (e.g., "How to Mentor Undergraduate Research") $ $
Student workshops (e.g., "How to Get Started in Research") $ $
Specify Other: $ $
Specify Other: $ $
Specify Other: $ $

15.  Are there any comments or clarifications that you would like to make about your Programmatic Activities and/or Budget as given above?


16.  Please identify budget sources (round to whole numbers -- approximate values are sufficient):

Budget Sources

Annual amount

from source

College/University formal budget line(s) other than student fees $
Student Fees $
Grant(s) $
Endowment(s) $
Specify Other: $
Specify Other: $

17.  Are there any comments you would like to make about your budget sources as given above?


Organizational Structure

1. What percentage of your time is contractually committed to UR Director/Administration duties (please round to whole #)?           

2. Does this accurately reflect the amount of time you actually spend in UR Director/Administration duties?    Yes    No

        If not, estimate the actual percentage of your time devoted to your duties as UR Director/Administrator.     

3.  Are there any comments you would like to make about your Organizational Structure?


When you click the "Submit" button below, the data given above will be sent to Karl Sienerth, Director, Undergraduate Research Program, Elon University (, 336-278-6217).  Processing of the data will be conducted by Mark Zrull (Appalachian State University) and Mary Crowe (Xavier University of Louisiana).


Note that the survey results will be sent via your own email software, and you might receive a pop-up message from your browser and/or virus-checker asking you to confirm the validity of that action.  Please be sure you are logged into your default email program before clicking "Submit Survey".



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