Network of Directors of Undergraduate Research Experiences


Informed Consent - General Operating Survey

Please read the following very carefully.

A.  Introduction and purpose
The purpose of this study is to collect information about existing undergraduate research programs or centers at a variety of institution types.  The data collected from your survey will be combined with that from other participants and disseminated in a non-institutional-specific form in sessions at the Council on Undergraduate Research meeting in July 2006.  The data also will be made available in a searchable database format so that users can find pertinent data about the establishment or improvement of undergraduate research programs/centers based on those at peer and/or aspirant institutions.  No institution-specific or participant-specific information will be stored or disseminated in any way without the approval of the participant.  The survey will take about 25 minutes to complete.

B.  Procedure

You will be asked to fill out a survey that asks for:

1.  Information about your institution and your position

2.  Information about your institutionís mission statement (as regards undergraduate research), definition of undergraduate research, and program mission statement.

3.  Program budget information, including budgets for sub-program (e.g., summer research, research grants, etc).

4.  Information about your institutionís structure and time allocation for the undergraduate research program/center. 

C.  Benefits

The results of this survey will contribute to our knowledge how to initiate and improve undergraduate research programs/centers at a variety of institutions.  Users will be able to search the database for specific programmatic functions at institutions of like size and character.


D.  Risks

There are no physical, psychological, or social risks involved in this study. 

E.  Voluntary participation / withdrawal.

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary.  You may discontinue your participation at any time during the survey.  If you quit the survey any time before you click on the "submit" button at the very end, no data will be collected.  If you submit your data and later opt to withdraw it, you may send an email to Karl Sienerth ( and request that it be withdrawn.

H.  Compensation.

You will not receive any money for participating in this experiment.  At the end of the study you will be given a link to access the online searchable database.


I.  Confidentiality.

The survey does not require you to include your name or your institutionís name.  If you choose to give your name and/or institutionís name, your data will not be specifically linked to that information.  However, if you do include your name/institution, future users will have the option of selecting yours from a list of those provided for possible contact for further information.  For presentation purposes and general database use, results will be publicly reported as group averages only. 

J.  Contact for questions.

If you have any additional questions about the research, your rights, or a research-related injury, you may contact Dr. Karl Sienerth by phone at 336-278-6217 or by e-mail at Should you have any questions regarding your rights as a human subject, contact the Elon Sponsored Programs Office at 336-278-6603.

K.  Consent to participate.

The following blank is for your electronic signature.  By filling in your name and clicking on the consent link below, you confirm that you have read the above information about this study, and that you understand the purpose of the study as well as the potential risks that are involved.


You should be logged into your default email program before clicking "I Consent" below.  You will be offered a warning that a program is attempting to send email on your behalf -- please select "Yes" to the question asking if you want to do this.

Without the consent email, we will be required to delete any data that you enter in the survey.

Once you have clicked "I Consent" and allowed the consenting email to be sent, please click the link to continue to the survey.


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This survey and consent form have been approved by the Elon University Institutional Review Board as of November 2005.

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