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In early December, 2004, research program directors from thirteen institutions met at Winthrop University to discuss and share the various resources and components that make possible well-founded campus-wide undergraduate research programs.  Mary Crowe (Xavier University of Louisiana) and Dwight Dimaculangan (Winthrop University) organized the meeting, which was funded by a grant from Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL).  Much of the outcome of that meeting (and follow-up work) was disseminated by the group at the April NCUR meeting in Lexington, VA. 

            Perhaps the most significant result of the December meeting was the realization by the group that there is a clear need for an environment within which directors of undergraduate research centers/programs can discuss and exchange ideas, protocols, and tools of the trade.  This environment must be nonexclusive, encouraging membership and active participation by UR directors at all institutions, regardless of Carnegie classification.  Within such a collaborative atmosphere, developmental plans, assessment tools, types of celebration experiences, mission statements, goals, organizational structures and budgeting practices can be shared and discussed to prevent the need for each institution to “reinvent the wheel”.  The Network of Directors of Undergraduate Research Experiences (NDURE) was founded to provide this forum.

We are in the process of gathering information!

In order to remove the need to reinvent the wheel, we need to define the wheel! 

Please help by completing one or more of the surveys.  Currently, not all surveys are available (we're still working on them).  Please check back occasionally to complete any additional ones that are posted, and monitor your email for notices that new ones are ready for completion.  The surveys can be accessed by following this link.


 R E S U L T S   so far...

»At NCUR 2006 (April 6-8),

Mary Crowe made a presentation of data that had been collated from the completed surveys received so far and from online research on institutional websites.  The PowerPoint presentation on undergraduate research can be found here.

»A short survey (conducted May 2006) on UR Program Director Salaries




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