Currently, tigers are on the endangered species list. Across their range, tigers face pressure from poaching, retaliatory killings, and habitat loss. Tigers are forced to compete for space with growing human populations.

The WWF and National Geographic say that there are 5,000 tigers in captivity. ABC News said that more than 2,000 of those tigers in captivity are located in Texas. But, according to a study done by the Feline Conservation Federation, there are closer to 300 tigers captive in Texas. Big Cat Rescue says that there are about 3,000 tigers in the wild and about 5,000 tigers in captivity. But, according to the IUNC, they estimate a total of about 4,000 adult tigers. This estimated population is defined by the "individuals known, estimated of inferred to be capable of reproduction." The IUNC also said, "that mature individuals that will never produce new recruits should not be counted." The number discrepancy is important to note since there has been a constant debate on "backyard tigers." To learn more visit our page.

Tigers that are in captivity are used for breeding, public education, research, wild feline conservation, and as ambassadors for public awareness. The Feline Conservation Federation believes "captive reared tigers are feline ambassadors that raise public awareness of conservation issues, and possess genetic diversity that could someday save this species from extinction." Tiger World also said that some tigers are in captivity for rehabilitation purposes after being injured in the wild.

Tigers Found in Captivity in North Carolina

Total found: 45