After a year of training how to hunt by her mother, Olivia the ocelot is finally on her own. There are many trees and brushes in Northern Mexico for Olivia to make her home in. After leaving her mother and two brothers, Olivia decides to make her home in the trees sleeping on a thick branch. She wakes up from her bed when it is completely dark outside. As a nocturnal animal, Olivia loves to sleep all day and run around and hunt all night. Olivia's eyes are larger than most exotic cats so that she can see better when she is awake at night. When she wakes up, it is time for Olivia to go hunting for her breakfast so that she is able to travel throughout the night. She goes looking for rodents, rabbits, young deer, birds, snakes, and fish to fill her empty stomach. Today she comes across a young rabbit. Olivia runs as fast as she can and pounces on the young rabbit, turning it into prey. So excited about her first catch on her own, Olivia begins to chuckle. She eats as much of the animal as possible, but she gets full quickly and decides to save it for later. Olivia eats up to every three hours while she is awake and will most often take her prey home to eat in peace. Once Olivia finishes her hunting and wandering throughout the night, she will either return home, or she will make herself a new home. Tonight she makes herself a new home in the brushes to hide from the anaconda that has been following her around. As the sun begins to rise in the sky, Olivia closes her eyes to rest after a long day of fun.

True / False
Ocelots hunt larger cats.
False. Ocelots hunt animals that are usually smaller than them like rodents, birds, and rabbits.
Ocelots are animals that are mostly active during the night.
True. Ocelots are nocturnal animals so that means they are not awake during the day. They wake up when it is dark outside, and that is when they are most active.
Ocelots do not stay with their mother at all and are immediately on their own after birth.
False. An ocelot kitten will stay with its mother for up to one or two years to learn how to hunt before it goes out on its own. Sometimes it will even stay close to its mother's territory after it leaves the mother to protect her.
An ocelot only eats once while it is awake.
False. Ocelots eat every three hours while they are awake.
An ocelot does not always return to where it slept the night before.
True. Ocelots often change where they sleep and where their home is in order to protect themselves, and sometimes their young, from predators.