Humans have caused an increase in habitat loss due to agriculture, poachers hunting for their fur, and the pet trade. Many people also think that these animals, because they are beautiful and small, will make a good pet. Ocelots are wild and potentially dangerous animals by nature and therefore do not adjust to being in a captive environment. Such exotic animals do not make good companions because they require special care, housing, diet, and maintenance that the average person cannot provide. For more information about the dangers that are threatening the Ocelots, and how they are being protected please click here. There are also people who have hybridized this animal because of their beautiful coats and in hopes of making the hybrids more domestic to make better pets. A marlot is a hybrid that is created through the breeding of a male margay and a female ocelot. There are also two confirmed litters that were birthed through the breeding of a domestic male bengal and a female ocelot. The domestic cat and the ocelot were bred to allow the offspring to keep the beautiful coat, and I hopes that the offspring would be more domesticated and smaller.