Scientific name:
Leopardus pardalis
Painted Leopard
Physical Attributes:
Ocelots are 20 to 40 inches long. Their tails are an additional ten to 15 inches. Ocelots weigh between 20 and 25 pounds. All ocelots have dark spots and stripes, but their coat colors can vary from a light yellow to a reddish gray. They usually have two stripes on their cheeks, one stripe running from the top of their eye over their head, and white fur around the eye, and their tails have rings of dark fur similar to a raccoon's tail.
Life Span:
Captive ocelots live about 20 years. Wild ocelots survive about 7 to 10 years.
Native Location/Habitat:
Once found in Arkansas and Louisiana, as well as in Texas and Mexico. Currently found only in the most southern part of Texas, northeastern Mexico, and all the way to the northern area of Argentina.
Conservation Status:
Similar Species:
Margay is a much smaller animal.