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Story of Raza the Lioness

This is the story of a typical day for Raza the lion. Raza is a lioness living in the African grasslands. When she wakes up in the morning, she knows it's time to hunt. She and the other lionesses of the pride all travel in a group. Today, they are on the hunt for water buffalo. This will be the main meal for themselves and the rest of the pride.

Together, Raza and the other lionesses begin to track the buffalo. They follow their scent to a nearby water hole, where a group of wild water buffalo are busy drinking. Raza lies low to the ground as to provide a sneak attack. She doesn't want to scare her prey away and, therefore, must be very quiet.

Once she is close, Raza and the others pounce on the buffalo. Once the water buffalo are killed, the lionesses are ready to bring the food back for their pride. It has been a successful hunting trip.

When they arrive back home, everyone is excited for the food. The pride eats hungrily. Once everyone has finished, the lion cubs are ready to bond with their mothers. Bonding time includes nuzzling and cleaning before they go to sleep for the night. Raza plays and licks her cubs until they are sufficiently clean and lets them go to bed. She too is very tired after the hunt and requires a lot of sleep as well. It is time to turn in. Tomorrow brings another day's hunt and more time spent with her cubs.