A Day in the Life

Diet and Hunting Patterns

The lioness does the hunting while the male stays with the rest of the pride. Female lions hunt in coordinated groups that allow them to get more food for the pack. They usually hunt in groups around the area in which they live. Their diet consists of various Mammals including warthogs, wildebeests, zebras, and buffalo. Female lions hunt in coordinated groups that allow them to get more food for the pack.

Mating and Family Life

By the time lionesses reach four years old, they are ready to breed. Lions do not mate at any specific time of the year, but mate at any point that they choose. Once cubs are born, they are isolated from the rest of the pride until they are six to eight weeks of age. This makes for a time of bonding with the lioness mother and lion father. Lions are not monogamous animals, but rather they choose to mate with the many lionesses of their pack in order to ensure the survival of the pride.

Lion With Cubs

Communication and Behaviors

Lions communicate in a number of ways. The most peaceful and tactile are through licking and nuzzling. Lions groom each other daily in order to keep each other clean. Lions have many postures and facial expressions; depending on their mood, a lion can display expressions of anger or happiness. Lion roars are expressed when signaling to another animal to stay away or signaling to the pride to be cautious. Roars can range in pitch from a deep low note to a raspy higher pitch. On average, lion prides in the wild sleep or rest for up to 20 hours per day. The sound that lions make to communicate with one another is known as "oofing". They express themselves in this way when they awake to signify that they are ready to hunt or spend time with their young.