Ligers & Tigons

Human Impact

Woman with Liger
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The breeding of ligers is largely fought over between those who breed them and those who think it is against nature to breed animals that serve no purpose scientifically or conservationally. Others believe that it is unethical to breed them solely for profit. Those in favor of breeding ligers argue that the money raised by ligers helps conserve endangered species like its mother, the tiger. The eye-catching liger with its beauty and size gains interest and draws many people to it.

Commercial breeding of ligers is controversial. If they are bred, they will need somewhere to live and cannot be released into the wild. If breeding is too quick, there won’t be enough room for the cubs. If a private owner decides to no longer keep the liger, it will also need to go to a zoo or sanctuary, potentially resulting in an overflow. This is part of the reason why the breeding of ligers is illegal in many countries.

There are many areas of debate within the breeding of ligers. Some sources, such as Big Cat Rescue, say that these hybrids die younger, are more inclined to have diseases, and often need to be born via C-section in order to give birth because of the larger cub. Other sources, such as say that these points are purely myth, and ligers are just as healthy as their parents.