Ligers & Tigons

Fun Facts!

This is a tigon. Photo courtesy of

Mythology: states that the first liger was born in the 1930s. A male lion and a female tiger were put into the same cage and then one day, the owners were astounded to see that they weren’t violent to each other; in fact, they mated and produced the first liger. Despite this story, there are records of a litter of ligers born in Asia in 1824, and the next recorded litter was in South Africa just before World War II.

This is a liger. Photo courtesy of

The liger appeared in the 2004 cult hit Napoleon Dynamite and has since risen in popularity rapidly. Napoleon said “It’s pretty much my favorite animal!”

When the genes of the parent species are combined, it results in gigantism. Therefore, the liger is bigger than either parent and is the largest cat in the world.

To see how the genes combine to create such a large cat, check out National Geographic’s video: