Ligers & Tigons

Ligers & Tigons

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The Liger is the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger and is the world’s largest cat. A tigon is the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion and is substantially smaller.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Panthera leo x Panthera tigris

NICKNAMES: Variations of the words “lion” and “tiger” combined. Super Cat.

HYBRID: Yes, lion and tiger.

LIFE SPAN: 18-22 years in captivity

NATIVE LOCATION/HABITAT: Ligers don’t occur in the wild because tigers are mainly found in Asia and lions are mainly in Africa; these two species do not cross paths in the wild. Ligers live in zoos, sanctuaries, and with private owners.

PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES: Ligers look like both of their parents. They have a muscular body and a broad head, they are typically faintly striped, and males have shaggy manes. Their fur is usually a tannish-brown with orange and black mixed in, and their pelt will range within this coloration, unless its parent was an unusual coloration (e.g. a white tiger as a mother). A tigon may have more distinct stripes because the offspring will tend to look more like its father’s species. Ligers can weigh up to half a ton (1,000 pounds) and stand 12ft tall. Tigons are less than 150-350 lbs.

CONSERVATION STATUS: None, not a native natural species.

SIMILAR SPECIES: Ligers look like lions and tigers and display behaviors of both.