Jungle Cats

Fun Facts

Fun Facts!

  1. Jungle cats do not live in the jungle at all, but prefer wetlands.
  2. Jungle cats are beneficial to humans because they eat mainly rodents, controlling pest populations.
  3. Jungle cats are marked as a “least concern” species as far as extinction, but their numbers are declining, making one wonder what it will take for them to become a concern.
  4. Jungle cats have claws on both their fore-and hind-legs that make it easy for them to climb trees both upward and downward
  5. Jungle cats also enjoy sunbathing in the winter and diving in the water to catch fish.
  6. The jungle cat has been historically mummified and placed into tombs in Egypt.
  7. Jungle cats may have two litters in a single year
  8. Jungle cats usually hunt in the early morning and late afternoon
A jungle cat in the grasslands. A jungle cat close-up.