Jake the jaguar is alone his first night on his own after spending two years living with his family and learning how to hunt from his parents.

In the morning, he slowly opens his eyes and is greeted with the slick humidity that is characteristic of the Amazon. He stalks over to the river to get a drink when he sees a fish and finally realizes how hungry he is. He jumps into the river and swipes at the fish with a paw, killing it instantly. Jake devours the fish but is still not satisfied. His mother has taught him how to hunt well, and now he is excited to put his new skills to the test. However, she also warned him about being safe while hunting. She said that it is possible for poachers to want him for the beautiful rosettes on his pelt, so he should be aware and should hang out in the shade somewhere or in a tree when he is not hunting. After playing in the river a bit, he moves towards the nearest tree and starts to climb. He is going to wait for his prey to come to him.

After an hour waiting in the branches of the tree, Jake's stomach is still growling. Finally, he sees an alligator coming out of the river. He pounces from the tree onto the reptile, crushing its skull with his powerful teeth. The alligator will provide Jake with lunch and dinner at least.

Later that day, he spots Jane, another jaguar that he remembered from childhood when they were both cubs. She and her family must have lived close to his den. She was looking very pretty, so he said hello from a distance.

Jake and Jane spend a lot of time together over the next few weeks, and Jane soon learns that she is pregnant. After three months, she gives birth to four healthy cubs in their den. Jake is so proud. He teaches his cubs how to defend themselves, and once they are old enough, Jane teaches them how to hunt. After a couple years, Jake and Jane's family unit grows apart as their cubs grow older and move away from home.


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