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Geoffry's Cat

Jenny the Geoffroy's Cat lives in a forest in Argentina, and her friends and family live all over the southern part of South America. Some live in mountainous desert and some live in forests like Jenny, but they all avoid the rainforest because it is too wet! Jenny used to live with her mother and brother, but when she and her brother were about two years old, they decided to live alone.

At nighttime, Jenny goes out to hunt for food. She likes to eat small rodents and fish, and sometimes she will climb into a tree to catch birds. Jenny likes to climb, and when she's not hunting, she will even climb for fun!

Jenny is not endangered, but she is risk of habitat destruction by humans. Cats like Jenny are also sometimes captured and sold for their pretty fur, or to be kept as house pets far away from the forest. Jenny's spotted coat helps her blend in with her surroundings, but she is often afraid of being found and taken from her home. However, there are many people who work to keep cats like Jenny safe so she can live a long time in her forest home.

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