Geoffroy's Cat

Geoffroy's Cat

Geoffry's Cat

Geoffroy's Cats are one of the smallest varieties of wild cat

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Scientific Name

Oncifelis geoffroyi


Geoffroy's Ocelot or Gato Montes (Mountain Cat)

Life Span

About 14 years in the wild, 20+ in captivity

Native Location/Habitat

South America, particularly Argentina and Paraguay. They tend to go towards dense areas like forests and rocky desert.

Physical Attributes

Typically four to eight pounds, though some males can weigh up to 12 pounds. Geoffroy's cats are roughly the size of a domestic cat, usually about two feet long (18-27 in.) with a 14 inch tail. They have longer, waterproof coats that typically range from gray to brownish-yellow, with black spots (though some cats are melanistic, or all black). Their tails are ringed and spotted with a spot at the tip.

Conservation Status

Near threatened

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