Human Impact

Lynx Traveling Alone
The Eurasian Lynx is a solitary animal that is not prone to travelling in packs. (source)

Eurasian Lynx have a history of being hunted for their furs and becoming endangered was a looming threat for these cats beginning in the 20th Century . Lynx are protected by laws prohibiting commercial hunting but people still hunt them illegally for fur trades or for sport. This, along with deforestation and loss of game due to hunters are the main threats a Eurasian Lynx must deal with. The cat is not considered endangered present day, however. Eurasian Lynx typically stay away from humans and wil not attack unless provoked to do so. these wild cats may also attack if ill or injured to protect themselves.

In captivity , the lynx are kept in containment by fencing that is high enough to not allow the cats to climb out. Also, due to their size, they are usually kept outside rather than in homes. People are only able to hunt Eurasian Lynx commercially in Russia. Afghanistan, on the other hand, has put a ban on hunting and trading of Eurasian Lynx.

Locations of Eurasian Lynx in North Carolina

Conservators Center : 676 E. Hughes Mill Rd., Burlington, North Carolina 27217