Day In the Life

Description of Lynx Fur
The Eurasian lynx coat contains more noticeable sports and stripes tan others in the Lynx family. (source)

Diet and Hunting Patterns

As a carnivore, the Eurasian Lynx tends to pray on small to medium sized game such as mice and other rodents, birds, pigs, rabbits, and deer, their menu depending on the environment in which they live. Their hunting style usually takes on the "stalk and ambush" technique where the cat seesits prey, makes sure that it is not visible to the animal it is stalking (perhaps hiding behind a tree or bush) and then pounces onto its victim.

Mating and Family Life

Female Eurasian lynx reach sexual maturity at about 2 years old, while the males peak at roughly 3 years old. The mating season of the lynx typically spans from February to April. If breeding is successful, the result is agestation period ranging from 67-74 days producing 1 to 5 offspring . Eurasian lynx tend to be very solitary creatures, so it would be rare to see a pack of them as seen with animals such as lions . However, the relationship between mother and cub is strong as many Eurasian lynx mothers are seen with their cubs. Mothers usually build dens for their cubs in forested areas that provide trees and bushes for protection and concealment . These dens are left several months or so after the cubs have been born.


The communication sounds between lynx are often low pitched and the cats also communicate through bodily secretions left as territorial markings .

Eurasian lynx are nocturnal and tend to have the most energy during the night, usually in the evening leading into nighttime, while napping in the morning and throughout the day. To keep themselves entertained Eurasian lynx will swim and climb trees , two things that they are skilled at, and may take naps on tree limbs or near bushes . In captivity, they are often provided with pools and other water sourcesfor enrichment and playtime. Establishments also offer areas that are higher off of the ground since Eurasian lynx enjoy playing in and climbing up trees. Lynx Behavior