• Scientific Name: Lynx Lynx

  • Nicknames: Russian Lynx, Common Lynx, Northern Lynx

  • Size/Weight: Length 19-35 inches, Height 16-22 inches (from feet to shoulder), weight 18-60 pounds

  • Physical Attributes: The coat of the Eurasian Lynx is commonly a mix of brown shades, characterized by a combination of black pors and stripes with some having a more greysih and yellowinsh tint. Their legs are long and their feet are large so that traveling through the snow is more Efficient . There are black tuffs at the ends of the ears, and the tail is short with a black Tip .

  • Life Span: Wild-17 Years, Captivity-26 Years

  • Native Location/habitat: Prairies, forests or tundra in western Europe and northern Asia.

  • Conservation Status: Not Endangered

  • Similar Species: Other Lynx and Bobcats due to similar physical characteristics
Lynx is Biggest Cat in Family

The Eurasian Lynx is the largest cat in the lynx family. (source)


ARKive video - Eurasian lynx hunting and catching hare in snow

The Eurasian Lynx in its natural habitat