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Day in the Life of a Cougar

Callie the cougar lives in the United States, but she has many friends in Canada, Mexico, Central America, and all over South America. Callie prefers the cold tundra of the mountains, but some of her close relatives live in smaller forests. She used to live with her mother, but when she was about two years old, she left to go live by herself.

Callie hunts in the evening and early morning. She is nocturnal and only stays awake at night. She is a great jumper and swimmer, so she can catch fish or birds. She likes hunting in tress the most. However, Callie is not very picky, and she will eat anything from a tiny grasshopper to a giant moose!

Like most wild animals, Callie does not like contact with humans. She usually runs the other way if she encounters one. Some of her other friends come in contact with humans more often, but they very rarely get in fights with these humans. Luckily, Callie is not endangered, but she must always be careful that her home is not destroyed by humans.


True/False Cougars can't roar.

Answer: True, they can purr, growl, and even whistle, but they can't roar.

True/False In some parts of the world, cougars are called "fire cats."

Answer: True, they are also referred to as "swamp lions," "deer tigers," and "ghost walkers."

True/False Cougars are always with their solid tan fur coat.

Answer: False, they are born with spots and blue eyes.

True/False Cougars are great jumpers.

True, they can jump 18 feet in the air from the ground.

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