Day in the Life

Watch a cougar in its natural habitat!

Hunting and Diet

Cougars mainly eat deer, elk, moose, sheep and horses. Occasionally, they will also hunt rodents and insects such as grasshoppers. Cougars are also known to eat coyotes, porcupines, beavers, hares, raccoons, and birds. Cougars have a keen sense of sight and smell and with their great jumping power, they are skilled hunters. They hunt at dawn, dusk, or night, and they stalk their prey and kill it by biting the back of its neck. If the catch is large enough, cougars can eat from it for days."

Mating and Family Life

Most cougar births take place between late winter and early spring. Females usually give birth every other year, and they can have anywhere from one to six litters of two to three cubs each. Cubs weigh between 7-16 ounces, and they stay with their mother until they are one or two. When they leave their mother, siblings stay with each other for a few more months, and then become relatively solitary animals. Maturity is reached around two and a half years for females and three years for males. However, females can only reproduce until 12, and males can reproduce until 20 years old.


Cougars avoid contact with other cougars except when mating. During mating, they communicate with visual signs and smell, and sometimes, they will growl or purr.

If they see a human, they will usually run the other way. However, like most cats, cougars are very curious and will occasionally approach to explore. Because cougars sare so populous, humans and cougars sometimes must coexist together, but attacks on humans are rare."