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Charlie the Cheetah and his brothers protecting their territory

Charlie the Cheetah and his brothers protecting their territory!

Now that his sisters have all grown up to be almost two years old and gone away to find new groups and mate, and Charlie's mother has long-since left to continue mating elsewhere, Charlie and his brothers are excited to begin traveling with each other (no girls allowed, finally!). Together, Charlie and his brothers form a sort of club, and help to protect each other as they hunt for their food and travel to look for shelter. Even after mating when Charlie and his brothers have grown to be 2 or 3 years old, the brothers will always come back to one another in order to keep each other safe.

Hunting can be a little tricky when you are as small as Charlie the Cheetah because seeking food means risking attack from bigger and stronger predators who are also hungry, but, luckily, Cheetahs are very quick cats. In fact, Cheetahs are the fastest animals that exist. When Charlie and his brothers need to defend themselves from predators (other stronger animals that want to make a meal of them or don't want to share their food,) instead of fighting, Charlie and his brothers use their excellent speed to run away to safety or until their opponent is tired out. In order to catch their food, Cheetahs like Charlie use their speed and cleverness to catch their prey by surprise, trip them with their front paw while they try to escape and capture them while they unstable and are less strong than usual.


Take this quiz to test your cheetah-knowledge! (Hint: check out the rest of our cheetah pages for clues!) When you are done with the quiz, print out this fun word search and try finding the hidden quiz answers!

What is a Cheetah's best defense mechanism?

What makes a Cheetah's spots unique?

What other wild cat is the Cheetah most often mistaken for?

What ancient culture considered Cheetahs a symbol of royalty and prestige?

What is a group of male, related Cheetahs who travel together as a survival technique called?

What is the name of the sport played in 14th century china that involved using male leopards to hunt named?

Charlie the Cheetah and his brothers protecting their territory

Print out this fun word search and use the quiz questions to find the words!