Carrie the caracal wakes up from her den in the tall grasslands of Africa just in time to see the sun set. She is a nocturnal animal, which means she loves to roam the desert at night, and this is when she goes out to eat. Carrie the caracal loves her time alone and does not hunt with anyone, but she makes sure to bring back some food for her caracal child, Connor. He is a newborn caracal, and his eyes are not yet open. Mother Carrie uses hissing and purring to tell her son that she is leaving to hunt.

Carrie uses her large ears with black fur strands on top to listen for other animals in the area. Upon hearing the other danger of a rustle of leaves, Carrie the caracal barks for other animals to hear to warn them of the potential predator. This sound makes a large bird fly up from the ground. Carrie carefully stalks her prey into the open grassland, which is the only time she is that exposed! Seeing the chance to get prey, Carrie jumps ten feet in the air to get the bird! She uses her hind legs, which are longer than her front, to leap up into the air and bite the bird. Carrie brings the bird back to the tall grass den and eats the meal with Connor. Carrie has to be careful to not be spotted by humans, as they sometimes like to hunt her. But she is so fast and can jump so high that she can outrun them most of the time!

1. True, caracals can leap and jump crazy heights! This helps them get food and survive in the wild!

2. False, the hind legs are actually longer! This helps caracals jump high in the air!

3. True, the caracal is known for the brownish- red ears and the black tufts. They have over 20 muscles in their ears and can hear their prey from very far away!

4. True, the caracal loves to be hidden and love the coverage that lush grassland gives them. This helps them hide from predators and poachers!