Canada Lnyx

Just for Kids

Ollie the Canadian Lynx is sleeping in the middle of the day under a rock ledge in a Canadian forest. There is snow on the ground and he is at peace as she continues to snooze away. Ollie loves to sleep during the day because he loves to roam around at night and stay up late. Today Ollie decides to get out of his den at 6 o’clock in the evening, energized and ready to go!

Canada Lynx Looks for Food

Ollie observes the area from a tree branch, looking for food. Source.

He makes his way out of the den, able to walk easily on the deep snow due to his huge feet. His pretty, thick fur, which people hunt him for, also keeps him nice and cozy. He immediately looks for his favorite snack, snowshoe hares, and begins his hunting. Ollie is a quiet hunter and likes to stalk his prey and then POUNCE. Luckily he spots one near a tree with his good eyesight and moves in on it. Since Ollie has so much experience with this, he easily pounces on the hare and enjoys his meal.

Not being a very active cat, Ollie prefers to just chill out near his den or underneath fallen trees where he can be covered easily. Near the morning, it is time for Ollie to go back to sleep so he can be well rested for another night of hunting, exploring, and hanging out!

True or False

1. Canadian lynx mostly live in forested areas. T/F

TRUE, Canadian lynx live in forested areas or tundra.

2. Canadian lynx is the largest in the lynx family. T/F

FALSE, the Eurasian lynx is the largest cat in the lynx family.

3. Canadian lynx are native to Antarctica. T/F

FALSE, Canadian lynx are native to North America.

4. Canadian lynx are often hunted for their fur. T/F

TRUE, one of the main threats to the Canadian lynx are hunters killing them for their fur.

5. Canadian lynx like to hunt in the morning. T/F

FALSE, Canadian lynx are nocturnal and prefer to hunt at night.

6. Snowshoes hares are the common food source for Canadian lynxes. T/F

TRUE, the snowshoe hare is a frequent meal of the Canadian lynx.