Canada Lnyx

Human Impact

Since the 17th century, Canadian lynx have been hunted for their furs, and this still stands today. The law of fur trading of large cat pelts prohibits these actions, but hunters still work illegally for sport. Deforestation and habitat devastation are also large threats to the Canadian lynx communities. This refers to the tearing down of trees for another use besides natural habitat.

Canada Lynx Human Impact

Canadian lynx use the tufts on their ears like whiskers. Source.

In captivity, Canadian lynx tend to live longer and are usually contained by high fencing. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Canadian lynx are considered to be in the Least Concern category of species.

Locations of Canadian lynx in North Carolina:

Conservators' Center: 1

676 E Hughes Mill Rd. Burlington, NC 27217