Canada Lnyx

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Basic Information

Scientific Name: Lynx canadensis

Nicknames: Canada Lynx

Size/Weight: Length- 36-41 inches, Height-18-22 inches (up to shoulder), Weight: 10-38 pounds

Physical Attributes: The fur of the Canadian lynx is usually yellowish brown and white with dark spots peppered into its skin. They have short, black-tipped tails with tufts of black fur on the tips of their ears. They have large paws that help them maneuver through deep snow as well as long legs that are slightly shorter in the front.

Life Span: Wild- 14.5 years, Captivity- 26.7 years

Native location/Habitat: North American forests and tundra

Conservation Status: Not Endangered

Similar Species: Other lynx and bobcats due to similar physical characteristics

Photo Caption: The Canadian lynx has a thick coat to keep it warm in its natural habitiat. Source.