Spend A Day with Bobby the Bobcat

When Bobby the bobcat woke up he didn’t remember which den he had fell asleep in. He was in one of his dens, but was it his main den or one of his auxiliary dens was the question. Leftover rabbit was left on the floor so he had to be close to the forests. His pregnant partner Cattie seemed to have left a “scent mark” trail for him to follow not long ago. So after walking around his den searching for clues, he jumped up 10 feet onto a ledge to look outside for a sense of his location. Instantly he remembered, my main den is the only den with a ledge. As he looked around to see what direction Cattie went, he realized that he was surrounded by forests and, by the smell of it, it was deer season.

On the ledge, he used his whiskers and nose to find where Cattie could be. He soon picked up vibrations of a deer running slower than normal. He sensed that it was wounded after he picked up the smell of its blood, so he ran swiftly in that direction. Cattie’s scent became stronger the closer he got to the deer. At full speed he jumped from the top of a hill onto the deer, ending its pain instantly with one bite on its neck.

With the help of Cattie, Bobby was able to drag the deer closer to the den since he sensed a two-legged animal approaching.

After eating lunch outside, Bobby & Cattie went into their den to rest after their big meal. Suddenly, Cattie began to purr and let out low snarls of pain. The kittens were about to be born, and Bobby didn’t know what to do besides pace the floor and comfort cattie as much as he could. After pacing and comforting for hours the kittens finally came, and the new bobcat family lived happily ever after.

Test Yourself:

1. Where does Bobby wake up? Circle all that apply.

a) In an auxiliary den

b) In some bushes

c) Under a ledge

d) In his main den

2. The average bobcat is __________ the size of the domestic cat:

a) Twice

b) Triple

c) Quadruple

3. How far/high can bobcats jump from a stand still position?

a) 5 feet

b) 15 feet

c) 10 feet

4. Approximately how many dens does a bobcat tend to have?

a) Depends on the weather

b) Depends on the environment

c) A main den and one or more auxiliary dens

d) All the above