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Select one of the following topics:

Master planning Sources for designers and contractors
Institutes for Project Management Technical assistance
University planning and construction Project management software
General planning When in doubt, where to look

    Master Planning Sites:

    1. Master plans on line: University of Florida site includes forms and procedures for making budget estimates. (select Strategic Plan from home page then Facilities Master Plan)
    2. Geographic information systems programs
    3. Aerial photos on line

    Institutes for Project Management Sites:

  1. Construction Management Association of America
  2. construction institute and links to other colleges
  3. links to government, business, school sites
  4. Project Management Institute (download manual of management procedures)

University Planning and Construction Sites:

  1. University Of Florida Planning and Construction forms and procedures
  2. Elon University Construction Dept. procedures
  3. Associated Schools of Construction (Universities with academic programs in construction)

General Planning Sites:

  1. Society for College and University Planning
  2. Planning specialists (online quiz)
  3. National clearing house for educational facilities
  4. School Planning and Management Magazine

Sources for Designers and Contractors Sites:

  1. Construction Management Association of America, list of program and construction managers
  2. Access to lists of designers, contractors, cost engineers, lawyers, accountants
  3. American Institute of Architects
  4. Ratings for contractors and designers
  5. Design or construction projects pending
  6. Cost estimating and program management
  7. Construction project delivery specialists (changes and schedules)
  8. Construction managers
  9. Planning, programming, and design
  10. Planning and design architects

Technical Assistance Sites:

  1. On line catalog of construction materials and specifications
  2. Underwriters Laboratory fire rated details for building.
  3. ( Department of Insurance NC., Code source )
  4. On line catalog of construction materials and specifications

Project Management Software Sites:

  1. Project scheduling software vendor
  2. Project management software vendor
  3. Reference texts and cost data books

When in doubt where to look:

  1. Search engine which will make world wide searches of resources on line


This page last updated July 16, 2002.