About the Middle Grades Program


A major in Middle Grades Education consists of the courses necessary to meet the requirements for middle grades (6-9) licensure in the public schools of North Carolina. The following Core Courses are required of all middle grades majors:

~CIS 220 Computers and Teaching 3 sh
~PSY 321 Educational Psychology 4 sh
~SPN course To be determined by placement test 4 sh
~EDU 211 Introduction to Education with Practicum 4 sh
~EDU 324 Literacy Development II: Strategies & Instruction for Struggling Readers 3 sh
~EDU 346 Classroom Management 2 sh
~EDU 441 Foundations of Middle Level Education 3 sh
~EDU 442 Effective Middle Level Teaching 4 sh
~EDU 451 Teaching Diverse Learners 4 sh
~EDU 481 Supervised Observation and Student Teaching 10 sh
~EDU 482 Capstone Seminar I 2 sh
~EDU 483 Capstone Seminar II 2 sh
~One subject area concentration 28 sh

Teacher Candidates can choose two of the following concentrations:


~Social Studies

~Language Arts


For more information please visit Elon University Education Department's Middle Grades webpage